Another “disturbed” “extremist” kills another Jew

Every time a Jew is murdered by a Muslim who states clearly that he is killing the Jew in the name of Islam, the authorities and the news services fall all over themselves declaring that he was a nutcase, an extremist, or both. Or they play down the attack, refusing to call it what it is: Muslims simply obeying the Koran, which tells them to murder Jews.

“We do not want to predict the result of the investigations … and whether or not the criminal’s motives were political or not,” he told Reuters.

The BBC can’t figure out why a Jew was killed by a Muslim: “Security sources said it was not clear if the killer’s motives were political.

The AP can’t figure out why a Muslim killed a Jew, either.

A Yemeni police official says a suspected Muslim extremist has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a Yemeni Jew.

The official says Moshe Yaish Nahari was gunned down in the northern town of Riydah on Thursday but police have little information about the motive behind the killing.

It’s a mystery. I wonder if we can solve it. Perhaps we should read the Yemeni media reports.

During investigations al-Ubadi said that he warned the Jews in the area through a message telling them they must either embrace Islam, leave the country or be killed, al-Suraihi said.

On Thursday morning, in a market in the area, al-Ubad met with Yahuda, the brother of the grand rabbi of Jews in the province, and held a conversation after which he shoot dead Yahuda.

Of course, the standard excuse is that he was mentally ill. Funny how many mentally ill Muslims kill Jews.

Reasons for the murder might be due to mental illness as al-Ubadi tow years ago killed his wife the case which ended with tribal reconciliation, al-Suraihi said.

Al-Ubadi was also a former pilot in the Yemeni Air Forces but he was dismissed for bad manners and extremist thoughts.

I’m not quite sure what “bad manners” is, but I suspect a bad translation of, perhaps, violent tendencies. The man murdered his wife two years ago, and was not imprisoned because he paid the blood debt to the victim’s family, a really charming facet of Yemeni culture. But also in the Yemeni media story are these facts:

The rabbi claimed all Jews in the two district of Raida and al-Souk al-Jadeed suffer many violations and continuous attacks.

He said that he filed several complaints about this to tribal elders and officials in the area but all went in vein, saying all people are unable to protect us.

“The situation of Jews has more worsened as my brother was killed in the daylight, in a market before the eyes of many people, but none was moved.” The rabbi said.

He said Jews are prevented from carrying weapons and wearing the traditional danger Jampyah.

I don’t know what that means, either. If any of my readers know any Yemeni Jews, perhaps they could find out for me.

Arutz Sheva didn’t seem to have any trouble finding the reason why a Jew was killed by a Muslim, either.

Moshe Nahari, a Torah teacher and a well-known figure in Yemen’s Jewish community, was murdered on Thursday morning in Reida, a city north of the capital city, Sanaa. According to the Arabic daily Ash-Sharq il-Awsat, Nahari’s attacker called out, “Jew, receive the message of Islam” before shooting at him.

[..] The murderer fired on Nahari several times, made sure he was dead, and then waited for police to come. Ash-Sharq il-Awsat identified the killer as Abed el-Abdi, a former pilot. El-Abdi murdered his wife two years ago, but was not imprisoned because he agreed to give his wife’s family financial compensation.

Yemeni officials said the shooter who killed Nahari was deranged. The shooter was arrested, and allegedly told police he had killed Nahari because “Those Jews need to become Muslim.”

The Jewish community in Yemen has been under direct threats by Muslims for quite some time now.

Jewish residents of the Saada region in northern Yemen have received explicit threats to leave the area within 10 days from followers of radical cleric Hussein Badr Eddin al Houthi, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan.

Following complaints from the threatened Jews, a meeting of the local authorities and the district’s sheikhs was held.

The Jews demanded they be treated as equal Yemenite citizens, and at the end of the meeting a religious verdict determining the relationship between them and the Muslims was given.

This verdict, which was also signed by Jews, did not guarantee them immunity from threats.

So after a little digging, we find that the reason a Muslim killed a Jew in broad daylight, in the marketplace, is because his religious leaders told him to do so. Not that he’s crazy. Not that he’s an “extremist.” But that he’s being a good Muslim, according to his own clerics.

The story linked above is from January of last year. Yemeni Jews have been in the country at least since the second century of the common era, and according to their legends, since the time of Solomon. Yet another thousands-year-old Jewish community, destroyed by Islam—the “religion of peace” that neither forcibly converts people, nor threatens “People of the Book,” who are supposedly under Muslim protection.

Lies, whitewashed by the world media, which I will detail in another post.

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9 Responses to Another “disturbed” “extremist” kills another Jew

  1. Yankev says:

    “He said Jews are prevented from carrying weapons and wearing the traditional danger Jampyah.”

    I’m betting typo — they mean dagger, not danger. Jambiyah is a curved, middle eastern dagger, and the B and P are sometimes interchanged when transliterating Arabic. (My Israeli friends sometimes joke about “Balestinians”, who supposedly pronounce peh as though it were a bet.) This would make sense, given that Jews, being Dhimmis, are not allowed to own or carry weapons, even for self defense.

    For a picture of a Jambiyah, see

  2. Yankev says:

    “Look up: jambiyah
    A curved dagger with a double-edged blade. It is a traditional Arab weapon but found in various forms from North Africa to Iran and from East Africa to western India. The jambiyah was often contained in an ornamental scabbard and tucked through a belt at the front of the body.”

    Yep, typo, should read “dagger”, niot “danger”, and jambiyah not jampiyah.

  3. Yankev says:

    And my post should read “not”, not “niot”.

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    The Yemenite Jewish community is one of the oldest in the world and alas, I think it’s about time its history came to an end.

  5. Yankev says:

    “The Yemenite Jewish community is one of the oldest in the world”

    And I have been told that its pronunciation of Hebrew may come closest to the original.
    Amopng other things, the Yemenites distinguish between Gimel without dagesh and Jimel with a dagesh, Dalet without a dagesh and Dhalet (like the soft “th” in “this”), veth and Vav (which they pronounce Waw), and Tav with a dagesh and Thav (like the hard “th” in theorem) without a dagesh — which Ashkenazim pronounce “s” and sefaradim as “t”.

    Now, how do we get them out of there and into Israel?

  6. jen says:

    “Muslims simply obeying the Koran, which tells them to murder Jews.”

    Could anyone please explain to me how to get the general populace to understand this simple fact? And that the Koran also tells them to murder Christians, as I understand it?

    I recently had a long conversation via email with a man who insists that this is a lie and hateful toward Muslims. No matter where I sent him on the web, he called them all haters.

    I am a Christian who wears a star of David to show my support of the Jews. One of my customers noticed, and asked if I was a Jew. When I explained and asked if she was offended, she said no, she appreciated it. Is that the general sentiment, or should I not be wearing it? I don’t actually run into that many Jewish people where I live, and I’d like to know that I am not offensive.

  7. Laura SF says:

    jen –

    The Star of David is actually not a religious symbol, but rather a tribal or even military/royal symbol (“the shield of David”). So while you might well confuse people who assume you must be Jewish to wear it, you wouldn’t OFFEND them. I personally (as a Jew) would – like your customer – appreciate knowing that a Christian would choose to wear it out of solidarity with the Jewish people.

  8. jen says:

    Ah, I have so much to learn. I know some history about the Jewish people, but I am not well educated about the culture.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I get so angry when I hear of the media bias when they report on what is happening in the Middle East. I was blessed to have found this blog, and a few other sources of information.

  9. Tatterdemalian says:

    The leftists are getting better at “population control” all the time. Israel is, as it has always been, their holy grail: the final proof that they can convince any demographic, even one for whom the Holocaust is still within living memory, to commit mass suicide. If they can find a way to break the will to live of the Israelis, they can use it to break the will to live of any inconveniently large population, for their goal of depopulating the planet for their own profit, disguised as “saving the planet with sustainable solutions.”

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