Haveil Havalim

This week’s Carnival of the Jews is up, and I had time to read some selections.

A Tale of Two Engineers (in one of the attacked hotels in Mumbai).

Another from Treppenwitz: His memories of the Holtzbergs.

So why kill the Rabbi?

Fighting evil by doing good, or by fighting evil?

What’s really going on in Hevron.

Choose a rabbi you can follow. I did that last year, which is why I am no longer teaching at or a member of my synagogue, whose leadership didn’t agree with me that the temporary rabbi was a terrible fit for our group. (Of course, he bailed on us and went elsewhere, contrary to his promises to stay and help rebuild our fractured congregation. Imagine that. I was right about him, and our clueless leadership was wrong.)

Name a country where an act of Muslim terror has occurred which hasn’t somehow tied in with Jews and Israel. Bet you can’t.

They’re terrorists. Call them what they are.

The Jewish Writing Project. Kewl.

The blessings in having your enemies close. (Such a good-looking boy, too.)

What is the most challenging aspect of blogging
? (Can I add “Watching two-bit hacks get a much larger readership than yours because they depend on polemicism, cliches, crappy writing, and extreme opinions instead of good, fact-based posts”?)

You simply have to scroll down to the Dreidel Song video. Jews Texas Two-Stepping is laugh out loud hilarious. Yippe-yi-yo-chai-yay, indeed.

And that’s that. Time to do some of my own writing.

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5 Responses to Haveil Havalim

  1. Batya says:

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Jack says:

    Hi Meryl,

    Nice summary. We appreciate the links. You’re welcome to host any time should you feel the urge.

  3. Jack, it took an hour for me to read and comment on those posts. It takes a lot longer to host a carnival. I know. I did Carnival of the Cats once or twice. Definitely once.

    Anytime anyone wants to post something like the above, all they have to do is email me. I don’t have a problem linking other Jewish bloggers, with certain exceptions. Hatemongers need not apply, and neither to uber-left Jewish Israel bashers.

  4. Thanks for the link! The story about your ex-shul sounds fascinating…

  5. Not really. It was my first real look at synagogue politics, and I didn’t like it.

    I especially didn’t like my job as a teacher threatened because I was networking as a congregant to force the synagogue leadership to keep its word and keep the temporary rabbi temporary and get another one to replace the one they drove away.

    And it’s sad, because the congregation is in danger of failing if the new rabbi (with whom I have no problem) can’t draw people back.

    I’m having trouble going back to a place that has such unhappy memories for me. I’m a bit rudderless right now, with no affiliation at the moment.

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