Haveil Havalim

The Thanks and Giving edition of Haveil Havalim is up. I’m sure the New York Times editorial board will find something as horrifying in Haveil Havalim as they did in the video of Sarah Palin’s interview on a turkey farm. (I’ve watched the video. It’s, uh, well—I’m squeamish about lions killing prey on nature shows, and I went “That’s IT?” on this one.)

A few quick peeks: Rahm Emanuel loses his security clearance. (Ties to Israel. Has anyone lost their clearance over ties to Saudi Arabia?)

I like this idea: An India-Israel-US alliance against terrorism. The Indians face constant terrorist attacks from the Islamists within and without.

A rebbetzin’s husband (I love that concept) on trying.

There’s also the Kosher Cooking Carnival, which is probably a good thing to check out on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Read the rest. I’m only cherry-picking the few that I clicked on.

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