A wistful look back

You know what I miss?

I miss the unserious posts. Not just the cat posts, but the posts with pictures of wasps on my tap, or how much Coke2 sucked, or the ant wars, or a host of other posts that you guys actually commented on (and frequently).

Is it me? Am I too serious? Or is it you folks. There are so many of you out there who never post a comment, who just keep coming by and reading, day after day. I mean, I know that’s the way the world works. Some people talk, most people listen. But I seemed to have more talkers back in the day when I had fewer listeners, if you get my drift.

I should remember to post at least one unserious post per day. Maybe more than one.

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11 Responses to A wistful look back

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    I post short comments often and comments the length of “War and Peace” on some threads and this is the thanks I get. Sheeyah.

  2. Mog says:

    I read way more than I comment and note that on my blog at least all the comments are on the kitty posts.

    Which leads me to think my other posts suck but that’s just me.

    Sometimes you’ve said it all and there’s little to add by way of comment.

  3. Jeff says:

    Here is a serious silly. Anyone going off on Palin and/or getting all upset about the turkey slaughter gets no turkey for Thanksgiving. Where do they think it comes from? Remember EATaPETA.

    Oh, and more Hulk and TV show recaps.

    P.S. When you have more listeners, folks can get shy because they might not want to look foolish in a bigger blog pond (even anonymously). It’s easier when there are less folks and people know each other better. Obviously, from your election coverage, not my problem.

  4. Yes, Michael, and you know I wasn’t directing those comments at you. It was the guy standing behind you. The one in the blue baseball cap.

  5. Pamela says:

    As Sean Connery said in Highlander “Balance”. Too much seriousness causes the ah-ha or ahhhhh moments to slide on by.
    Sends you on your merry way to Miltown.

    The ahhhhh moment was the dragonfly that hovered and starred at me through my back patio door.

    Speaking of CATS…

  6. mrfred says:

    so, how you handling that Richmond-Fairfax commute?

  7. Long_rifle says:

    I’m planning on spending my entire second stimulus check (if we get it) on food for my .50 cal BMG.

    Will that stimulate the economy enough?

    Oh, wrong thread. WE LOVE YOU!

    There’s just do much stupid going around that’s being pointed out by other websites as well that I scarcely have time to post on it all.

    But rest assured, your bookmark is above them all.

    Of course “The peoples cube” is just under you.

  8. Karmafish says:


    One thing that you can do to promote a sense of community here, and thus increase both traffic and commenting, is to put up a “recent comments” sidebar.

    That way when a reader visits the site they can immediately see who has been commenting and jump into conversation if they so wish.

  9. John M. says:

    It’s us. We suck.

  10. Jay C. says:

    Meryl, it was the insane election season. I’m still in recovery, to be honest. I have been spending less time reading online, taking more time with my books, and just having unseriousness in life. When I can get unserious on my blog, I’ll write again.

  11. Janet says:

    more unserious ones, pretty please.

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