If you’re not angry you haven’t been paying attention

I’ve the bumper sticker with the phrase “If you’re not angry you haven’t been paying attention” around a bit over the past few years. I’m assuming it’s an anti-Bush mantra. I think that it’s wrong in that case, but it’s 100% about the upcoming American election.

So here’s some advice. Do you want to be informed?

Check out the latest post from In Context, Sponge Mode for links to 5 excellent articles about different aspects of the election.

And if that’s not enough, Check out Gateway Pundit’s Confirmed: MSM Holds Video Of Barack Obama Attending Jew-Bash & Toasting a Former PLO Operative… Refuse to Release the Video!

(h/t LGF)

And if that’s not enough please check out “In what kind of nation, do the media investigate critics more than candidates?” at Daled Amos.

Please understand that we are being poorly served by our media. The information that would allow the electorate to make an informed choice has been withheld or distorted. These articles will fill in some of the blanks.

But don’t just read these articles. If you know an undecided voter, send these articles to her. If you know someone who is supporting Sen. Obama but not strongly, consider sending them to him.

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