Carnival of the Jews

Three out of four of Jews are voting for Obama, but we can still read what they’re saying. Because I think I found most of the 25% that aren’t Obamatons.

Haveil Havalim is here this week.

Some clips:

More on “Every Day is ‘Hit a Jew’ Day”

A sukkah on wheels (yes, really) and one on a boat, and one that used to have squirrels in residence.

Elisson on Simchat Torah, and why there was a baby bonnet on a Torah reader at his schul.


Feline funny.

Not funny: Yid with Lid on the al-Dura hoax. (I’d probably link more often there, but he’s got reverse type, and, well, I simply will not read white text on black background. I have ranted about it before. It stops me from reading more than one decent blogger, in fact. I look for alternate skins on those blogs, and I never find them. As for reading it via RSS: I don’t like sending my readers to reverse-type blogs. Sorry.)

As for the rest, well, read it yourselves. We all have different tastes, and you’ll find something for everyone there.

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