A note to would-be comment trolls

No, I am never going to approve a comment that uses the words McSame/Failin’ or any other comment that contains no insights, no actual commentary, no intelligence, and is nothing but an illiterate, uneducated Rethuglicans are eeeeeeeevil! sentiment.

And for the record, schmucks, I’m not a Republican. I’m an independent.

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5 Responses to A note to would-be comment trolls

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    I used to be a Democrat, Meryl, and not just nominally. Not only was I a paid-up member, I was on the county committee, elected precinct delegate, ran for office, chairman of a state platform subcommittee, ran a couple of county-wide get out the vote campaigns.

    The last time I identified with the party was when I called myself a member of the Joe Lieberman wing of the party. So much for that. I’ll probably be voting almost straight Democratic on the state level, and where I won’t, such as the state university boards, I’ll probably just vote Libertariian or something.

    The party in which I grew up had room for people like Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, and George Meany. This one doesn’t. I don’t feel the least bit disloyal; it’s a different outfit with the same name.

  2. corwin says:

    As am I ,Meryl.And I’m not a Zionist.I happen to agree witjh most of your statements on Israel,so i guess that makes me a neo-con though.

  3. Pamela says:

    To bad you don’t have banned smilie for those lacking wit and common sense

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    You sound like Ronald Reagan. His comment on the Democratic Party was that he hadn’t left it, it had left him.

    The last Democrat I could bring myself to vote for was Scoop Jackson. My parents, lifelong Dems up to that point, were driven out of the Party by the arrogant schmucks who took it over in 1972.

  5. Jeff says:

    And as one of the “liberals” that comments here, I appreciate your even handedness and keeping the trolls at bay.

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