Your morning laugh: ‘Ware kitten!

Go here. Wait. First, put down everything you are drinking, and do not be eating. Trust me. (H/T: Stretch.)

Okay. Now click.

This story is as funny as one of Harrison’s. (This one is one of my favorites, one that caused me to almost break a rib trying not to laugh out loud at work.)

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4 Responses to Your morning laugh: ‘Ware kitten!

  1. Rahel says:

    Folks, when your housepet starts quoting ancient religious texts, rest assured that someone’s day is about to get Very Interesting, Indeed. Trust me on this one.

    Lost it completely. This was great!

  2. John M. says:

    Yeah, I remember the time I tried to give my Calico a flea bath. She literally extended her limbs across the entire width of the tub, and I had to PUSH her down into the water. As soon as she got wet, she clamped her jaws down on my hand, and her nose gave that little wrinkle that says “After I am dead you will have to pry my jaws open to escape”.

    Well, I surrendered at that point and took her out of the bath and put her on the floor, but she kept her teeth in me anyway for several more seconds just to let me know who was boss. A few minutes after she released me and fled, I went looking for her with a towel and a bandaged hand. She deigned to let me try her off while crying through my pain.

    Who owns who, indeed?

  3. Maquis says:

    Thank you all for allowing me to enjoy these little monsters without having to subject my home and body to their tender ways!

  4. Harrison says:

    LawDog is one of my all-time favorites. I wish he would put up a “best of” list ’cause some of his older posts are just as funny. He wrote one about a fireworks adventure that had me laughin’ for a week.

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