Obama and the Holocaust myth

Obama is using the Holocaust to score rhetorical points. Mind you, he’s not the only person ever to have done so, but I’m calling bullshit on this quote:

“I am always taken back to sort of the core question of humanity that the Holocaust raises. That is, on the one hand, man’s great capacity for evil, and on the other hand, our ability to come together to stop evil.”

Stopping the Holocaust had absolutely nothing to do with the Allies coming together to stop Hitler. People who think that WWII happened to stop the Holocaust are either fools or liars. Allied leaders had the reports. They knew what was happening. They did nothing. No, wait. Some encouraged it, by refusing to take in Jewish refugees from Hitler’s advances (we’re looking at you, Britain).

STFU, Obama. This Jew isn’t buying your bull. Especially when you said you’d rather bring our troops home from Iraq and let the Iraqis suffer the consequences, instead of keeping them there to finish the job and prevent more civilian deaths.

Nobody stopped the Holocaust. It ended because Germany was defeated, and even in defeat, Germany managed to murder hundreds of thousands more (cf: Death marches).

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11 Responses to Obama and the Holocaust myth

  1. John M says:

    “our ability to come together to stop evil.””

    What exactly did the world do, anyway? Unlock the gates when they stumbled across the abandoned camps? Real helpful, that was.

  2. Jason says:

    The sad thing is that many Jews do buy his bull. Me on the other hand has never bought into this empty suit.

  3. saus says:

    Cutting straight to the point.
    Thank you.

  4. Elisson says:

    Had Hitler refrained from invading Poland and simply waited until England handed it over to him, and had he simply asked Stalin to hand over the USSR’s Jews, he probably could have slaughtered European Jewry down to the last man, woman, and child without the Allied powers lifting a finger to stop him.

    The US could have bombed the rail lines into the camps. We did not. We did nothing.

    To this day, many Jews lionize Roosevelt. I wonder why.

  5. Herschel says:

    What a sad commentary on so called civilization, when the most horrific event of the last century is mostly forgotten, and anti-Semitism is making a come back and is being promoted by the left wing in its ugliest form.

    Years ago the mob cry was “Jews go to Israel, now its Jews out of Israel” as the number one way of expressing hatred for the Jewish people.

    I gave up on the Democrats years ago, and will no longer support their left wing appeasement leadership.

  6. Yankev says:

    Britan’s record is shameful, and the USA did not exactly distinguish itself on admitting Jews before and during the war either.

  7. Hugh says:

    Canada was every bit as bad as the US and UK when it came to rejecting Jews who asked for asylum.

    Have we made progress?

  8. Michael Lonie says:

    The Death Camps in Poland were a long way from the bases of the USAAF in Britain or Italy. I suppose the Italian-based 15th Air Force might have done the job, with its longer ranged B-24s. But you are talking about sending the aircraft deep into Poland without fighter escort (too far distant). Such a mission would mean very high casualties.

    What would have been the result? Some rail lines bombed. Experience in WWII showed that such damage was quickly repaired. Any significant effect would require a continued campaign attacking many rail target. That would have meant very high losses. Each aircraft would have taken ten crewmen with it, mostly killed. The cost would have been several hundred aircraft, and several thousand aircrew. All this for no discernable effect on the war effort, and a distraction from efforts that would damage the Nazis and contribute to defeating them.

    You know what the US could have done that would have had an effect on stopping the Holocaust? Rapid rearmament and raising a large army and air force in the late 1930s, and direct, public encouragement of the British and French to resist the Nazis, with the promise of immediate US intervention in case of war. Nobody in the US would have allowed such a thing, nobody in the US would have thought of it, least of all the Jews of America.

    The only alternative was to win the war as quickly as possible. Diveting aircraft to useless missions costing high casualties is not the way to win a war.

  9. Tatterdemalian says:

    Everyone wanted “peace in our time,” and nobody cared what the price was, as long as someone else was paying it.

    Despite the best efforts of the survivors, we are rewriting history once more, shifting the blame away from the control freaks and dumping it all on their victims. Soon “peace in our time” will be eagerly pursued again, with greater vigor, and resulting in even greater tragedy.

  10. corwin says:

    One of the best accounts I’ve read of contemporary America during WW II was the fictionalized one in Wouk’s “War and Remembrance”.It detailed State’s anti Semitism,Roosevelt’s isolation part of it self imposed on the massacres,American Jews air of unreality,etc.I remember an episode where Leslie Slote(State Dept) who eventually enlists because of disgust at American slowness is talking to a Jewish couple He Amercan, couple who want to raise money to ransom Jews.Sloteshoots it down by saying,”Isn’t wht you’re doing by this is giving Hitler money?”The husband,an American,is offended by this and says,”I don’t accept your argument.When the wife asks for an answer,Slote says,”Win the war.”
    “I don’t see your point at all.”
    A post script:I’m of Armenian descent.(Friends have speculated that’s why I’m so pro Israel,but I doubt it.)I recall asking my mother why she-actually my GM -wasn’t more vocal to save the Jews during WWII,since they were Americans then.She replied,”we didn’t know ’till after the war.”
    So,you see,it can happen again if you don’t protect yourself.that’s why I’m on the Isralei side.

  11. corwin says:

    And Sen Obama is seeming more and more light weight.

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