Exercising my Second Amendment rights

I went to a gun show today. And came home with a .38 revolver and a .22 rifle. The rifle is for fun. The revolver is for protection.

I am now an armed American. Mind you, I won’t be shooting them until I get all the cleaning stuff and, uh, learn how to clean and maintain them. But now I can go shooting at a range without having to rent a thing.

More about this later.

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  1. Maquis says:


  2. John F. MacMichael says:

    Congratulations! What model .38?

  3. Alex Bensky says:

    Oh, boy, an attractive woman with weapons… How about some pictures of you and your new guns?

  4. Bob says:

    Come on down to Texas and well get you set up with a concealed carry permit.

  5. John M. says:

    I hope you’re careful about this Meryl. Will you keep the .38 loaded? Under lock? Will you carry it in public? Please make sure it’s secure if you have kids over. I know you’re responsible but I just want to make sure you have a specific plan in place. I’m and expert marksman and even I feel a little nervous with guns around.

  6. It’s a Taurus, John.

    And John M., it has a lock on it. I told Sarah that whenever she and the kids are over, I’ll make sure it’s locked. We can also forbid them from going upstairs alone. Trust me when I tell you I’m also extremely nervous around guns. Neither is loaded at the moment, though I did buy some ammunition for each.

    Bob, Virginia has concealed carry. I’m planning on taking a class at my local gun range in a few weeks and going from there. I have the form to fill out. I pretty much want a carry permit in case I decide to, well, carry.

  7. long_rifle says:

    Meryl I’m VERY happy that you have taken steps to protect yourself. I congratulate you on your deciding to get a carry permit.

    I have one thing to tell you: PLEASE, oh PLEASE do not just get the permit and toss that gun in a drawer or a safe and “forget about it”.

    You need to go to a range at LEAST once a month, more if you can afford it. Firearms skills only get better with repeated use. By shooting often your body learns to go into “automatic” when you need to use the gun.

    When faced with a shoot/no shoot situation, you’re brain will be COMPLETELY taken with that thought process, if your shooting skills aren’t automatic you must probably won’t survive, or WORSE you may miss and shoot an innocent.

    Good job with that choice. 38 is a GREAT self defense caliber. Not just for a learner but a seasoned pro. My “main” is a Semi auto Kimber 1911 in .45acp. My back-up is a Smith and Wesson Model 13 revolver in .357 mag which can also shoot .38 without a problem.

    And for that 22 rifle, it’s not just for fun, it as well has uses. God forbid something horrible happens and you need food. A 22 is invaluable as a hunting rifle. I’d get at least 1000 rounds of 22, that should cost you about 30 bucks.

    With your .38 get a box of self defense loads. And only use them when the gun is on “stand by”. For range use get light loaded or handicap rounds. They are WAY easier to shoot. And when you NEED to shoot the more powerful stuff your body will be so “up” on adrenaline you won’t even notice a difference in recoil. Plus at close ranges (with-in 12 yards for most self defense shootings) the difference in impact points of the bullets will be negligible.

    Sorry for the long post but fire arm safety, and self defense is kinda my “thing”. And I want to make sure you do it right.

    Good luck. And remember to keep your powder dry!

  8. Stretch says:

    Well done Grasshopper. Bring your new weapons up next time and we’ll get you fitted with a holster and maybe a scope for the rifle. And this time the range fee is on me.

  9. A Steve says:

    Congratulations! That’s very cool.

    For the rifle, I highly recommend a Boresnake. Makes life a lot easier. It’s not like .22s get that dirty, anyway.

    You might also consider investing in a tactical-style flashlight to complement the handgun. I have a Wolf Eyes 6ax with a Cree LED high-power drop-in module (installed at the shop). Total = $75 or thereabouts, and I now have a virtually indestructible flashlight that will never need a new bulb and is capable of blinding an opponent in broad daylight. (Seriously, I tried it on myself in a brightly-lit room. It _hurt_. In the dark, even the backscatter off of a wall is almost blinding.)

    {Purchased at the store below. You have to ask for the drop-in separately, but it’s worth it. The owner’s quite nice.}

  10. Liana says:

    Awesome, congratulations!

    If you do decide to carry, keep this in mind: There is a wide variety of holsters on the market that will allow you to carry in a wide variety of ways. Some of them will be much safer than others. Some of them will be much more comfortable than others. If you haven’t read that Cornered Cat site yet, please take a look. She has some very reasonable things to say about carry.

  11. Yankev says:

    i second the bore snake recommendation, and I recommend a second one in .38 caliber for the revolver. Brushing out six cylinders and the barrel can be a chore; the bore snake makes short work of it.

    Also look into a quick access safe such as GunSafe to store the revolver. It’s much quicker to open than a trigger lock, requires no key, and with practice can be opened in the dark by touch. You can keep the revolver loaded and stored securely in the safe.

    If you are planning to keep the Taurus unloaded, consider consider buying some speed loaders — and PRACTICE loading with them until you can do it quickly fumble free every time without looking at your hands.

    And may you never need to use any of them.

  12. Mog says:

    My congratulations too. I have a .38 S&W and find it a fine weapon. I’ll look into the GunSafe too, thanks. I currently have a trigger lock and it is a bit cumbersome. Store it unloaded and that does slow things down if the need should arise.

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