The real Palestinian collaborator

Often you’ll hear Palestinians complaining that Israel was founded due to European guilt over the Holocaust, but since they had nothing to do with the Holocaust, why should the Jews be allowed to create a state that dispossesses them? The Holocaust was European and the Palestinians argue they’re paying the price.

While there were many forces at work to allow the return of the Jews to Israel and the (re-)creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East, certainly sympathy for the Jews after the Holocaust played a role. The status of the refugee demonstrated the need for a Jewish homeland. (A point that was emphasized by the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Arab lands after the UN approve the partition plan.)

The political leader of the Palestinians, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, lived in Nazi German during WWII, trying to enlist the Nazis to impose their final solution on Palestine once they swept through Africa.

Finally there’s proof that the Mufti not only wanted the destruction of the Jews of Palestine, but was fully aware of the destruction of the Jews of Europe.

According to Wisliceny, at the beginning of 1942 Eichmann made a detailed presentation to al-Husaini on the “solution of the European Jewish question.” The presentation took place in Eichmann’s “map room” in Berlin: “where he had collected statistical graphics on the Jewish population in the various European countries.” The Grand Mufti, Wisliceny recalls, was “very impressed.” Furthermore, al-Husaini is supposed to have put in a request to Himmler to have Eichmann send one of his assistants to Jerusalem after Germany had won the war. The representative of Eichmann was to serve as the Grand Mufti’s personal advisor: i.e. when the Grand Mufti would then set about “solving the Jewish question in the Middle East.”We can infer from other documentation that this was not just a vague idea. A declassified document on Nazi war crimes from the National Archives in Washington indicates that as of mid-1942 a special SS commando unit had plans to liquidate the Jews of Cairo following the capture of the city by German forces. (See detail below.) Gen. Erwin Rommel was supposedly disgusted by the proposition. The head of the SS unit, Walter Rauff, had earlier been involved in developing vans that served as mobile gas chambers. It should be noted that he was a German and not a Pole, as suggested in the U.S. government document.

In his memoirs, however, the Grand Mufti feigns astonishment at Himmler’s remark. On his account, Himmler asked him how he would solve the problem of the Jews in his country. Amin al-Husaini says that he answered that they should go back to where they came from. To which Himmler is supposed then to have replied: “Come back to Germany — we will never allow them to do that.” But the Grand Mufti is here white-washing his own role in history. After all, in Berlin on November 2, 1943, he publicly declared that Muslims should follow the example of the Germans, who had found a “definitive solution to the Jewish problem.”

So when the Mufti was enlisting Nazi help for the Middle East, he knew full well that they were capable of. His wasn’t just an idle dream.

When a Palestinian is accused of helping Israel he’s called a “collaborator.” Even though he’s been working to fight terror, the media uses the Palestinian term in order to cast a pall on his noble deed. The term “collaborator” is an obvious reference to those who helped the Nazis against their own countries.

This is more proof that the real Palestinian collaborator was the father of modern Palestinian nationalism. It is also revealing that despite the lofty rhetoric of independence and self determination, Palestinian nationalism is, at its root, a genocidal ideology.

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7 Responses to The real Palestinian collaborator

  1. Ann says:

    In many ways I wish that the Jews had accepted “Canadas” offer to exile there. As being most Jews are European DNA anyway-they’d had fit more into that atmosphere. Very few Jews are actually show any DNA connected to Ancient Hebrews, and Extinct tribe, who were mixed blood to begin with.

    What I’m saying, “Is most the East is Arab and hince, an automatic clash of ethnic, cultural, and religious beliefs.

    I’m sorry to say, that you stand out like a sore thumb, and being you are obviously so “Different” it puts you always on “Defensive Mode”.

    Thus, again, I wish they’d accepted Canada’s offer-but, they didn’t. As the Zionist leaders insisted on Palestine. Knowing full well, there would be problems with the occupants already there.

    Your welcome to come here to USA, as most Jews have dual citizenship anyway. I’d love to give you Texas, perhaps Mr. Bush, who was Sharon’s and now Olmerts buzom buddy, would give it to you. Its fine with me-and its as big as Palestine.

    So try very hard to understand how you’d feel if you were in Palestinians position-“Do unto Others” etc. As the Holocaust sure wasn’t fault of the Arabs.

    Blessings for your birthday-Peace be with you.


  2. Bonzo says:

    Astara, there are no Canadian relics, treasures or manuscripts of ‘original’ Canadian origin in the Canada.

    Everywhere you dig in Israel reveals Jewish stuff, Jewish things. Things like manuscripts, writings, buildings, statues. Things with sentences written right to left…

  3. Soccerdad says:


    I’ve always found it incredible that those who deny 15 years of Jewish history (Holocaust deniers) are considered beyond the pale, but those who deny 2000 years of Jewish history are considered partners for peace.

    What happened to the Palestinians was largely self inflicted.

    Still were you or your ancestors agitating for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza from 1948 to 1967, or it didn’t matter that it was Egypt and Jordan that were standing in the way of your national aspirations?

  4. Omri says:

    Not only was there not an offer on part of Canada, but Canada spearheaded the effort in the 1938 Evian conference to keep the doors closed to European refugees seeking asylum anywhere.

    Google “Charlotte Whitton” and “none is too many” for that sordid tale.

  5. Gary Rosen says:

    Ann, Astara, whatever your name is, I’m impressed that you managed to pack so many lies into such a short post:

    “most Jews are European DNA”

    Recent analysis has shown that Jews’ genes have the most in common with other Mideasterners, spoiling the so-called “Khazar” theory.

    “most Jews have dual citizenship anyway”

    A total, and typically antisemitic, lie

    “Very few Jews are actually show any DNA connected to Ancient Hebrews”

    See above

    “its [Texas] as big as Palestine”

    Bwahaha. “Palestine” is a tiny sliver of land in a vast Arab world. Incidentally, Jerusalem has always had an overwhelming majority of Jews, as census figures taken prior to “Zionist” immigration prove.

    “the Holocaust sure wasn’t fault of the Arabs”

    I guess not, if you get all your info from the MSM. But those who are actually aware of the history know othewise as Soccerdad’s post shows.

  6. Yeah, don’t bother talking to her much longer. She’s over the line and not getting another comment approved.

    I read enough anti-Israel bullshit everywhere else. I won’t read it here.

  7. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 05/16/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

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