Tech question follow-up

And now it’s working.

I did nothing.

The wrappers are back on Hot Air, and since I didn’t get around to recreating my Firefox profiles, well, I did nothing.

It wasn’t working yesterday. It’s working now.

Go figure.

Score another one in my continuing list of “Why computers will NEVER take over the earth a la Colossus and Skynet.”

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5 Responses to Tech question follow-up

  1. Steven says:

    Yeah, computers seem to have moods.

  2. Long_rifle says:


    I didn’t want to say anything, but I was doing a little voodoo ritual to fix my own computer and I think it may have fixed your’s instead.


    You owe me one live chicken, a badger. And some Cheeze Whiz.

    But it’s cool, I know you’re good for it.

    Just keep an eye out for large zombie chickens. You know… Just in case.

  3. I can get you that badger if my friend’s dachsunds get to any field trials and meet an unexpected animal in the burrow. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for Badger from Firefly.

  4. Long_rifle says:

    Well…. I’ll take what I can get!

  5. mrfred says:

    oooh, a reference to the Forbin Project. love that movie.

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