Tig 3.0: A double handful already

There were two orange boys in the litter. The first one was afraid of me. The second one gave me kisses and purrs. His name is now Tigger 3.0 (which, of course, will be shortened to Tig). And geez, what a set of lungs on that boy. He has a very, very loud meow, and he used it on the way home a lot. He actually tried to bite his way out of the cat carrier. And I caught a picture of him doing just that.

Tig 3.0 trying to escape

He’s upstairs in my office, where I am rediscovering how much trouble a kitten can get into. And how everything—everything—is a toy. He’s yowling for me to come back. I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner until past 9 p.m. He yowled, so off I went upstairs, only to discover that an eight-week-old kitten knows the smell of something tasty when he smells it, and I wasn’t about to give him table scraps to start things off wrong, so the chicken and I came back downstairs. He stopped yowling. He may be sleeping.

Gracie is both frightened and annoyed. Can’t tell which is which. Tig 3 is calling me again, though, so here’s another picture—little bugger is already trying to use my books as a scratching post; must get my extra back from Sarah—and I’m off to spend some time with my new kitten. Who I think I’m allergic to, too. Ah, well.

Tig 3.0 in my books

He looks a lot like Tig did when he was a kitten. Wendy says she can’t guarantee that Tig 3.0 is a Maine Coon, but she thinks he is. We shall see what happens.

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14 Responses to Tig 3.0: A double handful already

  1. robert says:

    awww how pretty! :) He is so cute!!!

  2. Kat says:

    Oh, cute furry orange puff of DOOM!

    I hope Gracie doesn’t have her tail bent *too* far out of joint.

  3. kev says:

    Well, it looks like he’s already staked his claim.

  4. chairwoman says:

    I am preparing myself for extreme fluffiness!

    And if he doesn’t turn out to be Maine Coon, you’ll love him to bits just the same.

    Welcome home Tig 3.

  5. Alex Bensky says:

    Congratulations, Meryl. I’m sure he’ll have you whipped into shape soon.

  6. Herschel says:

    Mazel Tov!
    He is a adorable, I sent a “double Chai” welcoming gift for him.

  7. john says:

    Hello Tig! Sounds like he has the Maine Coon vocal tendencies at least. Maddie didn’t talk for a few months after we adopted her, but she hasn’t stopped since. *Very* expressive. And there’s some pure mischief in the carrier shot…here’s wishing you many years of delight with Tigger 3.0!

  8. Herschel, thank you. I shall use it to buy more cat toys. I forgot to pick up that tube thing. I saw the kittens playing in it at Wendy’s.

    That’s where people should be sending any gifts, though. The woman is a saint. And her house is amazing. She has dozens of cats, all the time—and you can’t smell a hint of cat smell. Happy, healthy, and clean. And expensive.

  9. John M. says:

    What a cutie.

  10. Rahel says:

    What a beautiful fluffyboy! Welcome home, Tigger III.

  11. Aw, now he is just adorable! With a face like that, it’s hard to hold his “handfulness” against him. (I feel similarly about my 5-year-old kid, LOL!)

  12. You know, Lisa, now Neil’s going to have to come visit me. He has to meet the new Tig.

    He’s very adorable. And he’s very cuddly and loving. And playful. Right now, thankfully, he’s very tired, and sleeping.

  13. PJ says:

    I think I’m in love…:)

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