Trading attacks

The New York Times reports on yesterday’s violence in southern Israel, Hamas and Israelis Trade Attacks, Killing Several (via memeorandum – the headline, BTW, is much better than one that appeared in South Africa. It’s a problem in Australia too.)Not much remarkable about the article.

Palestinians said two of the militants killed in the first Israeli strike were Abdullah Edwan, a rocket engineer, and Muhammad Abu Aker, a rocket squad commander. Residents said the men were going to a training camp in southern Gaza. Two were masked, they said, and returned from Iran three weeks ago.Relatives of Mr. Edwan, who was said to have been the main strike target, said he was trained in Syria and Iran. Two other militants were wounded, medical officials said.

The chief of Israeli military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, told Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that Gaza militants had undergone intensive training in Syria and Iran and had taken advantage of the recent 11-day breach of Gaza’s border with Egypt to return to Gaza.

“Rocket squad commander” and “rocket engineer?” It makes them sound like civil service positions. Given that Hamas rules Gaza, maybe they are. My preferred term would be “terrorists.”

But what’s also revealing is that the Israeli fear that the breach in the border fence would allow terrorists and materiel to enter Gaza has been confirmed. ArabNews reported the same thing.

The one Israeli killed in the qassam attacks, was killed at the Sapir College, leading Backspin to wonder:

Expect those sniveling UK academics to speak out?

And though a Qassam landed in the parking lot of a hospital, I doubt that we’ll hear a lot of outrage that a hospital was attacked.

To keep track of the latest see Israelly Cool!.

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  1. Gary Rosen says:

    ““Rocket squad commander” and “rocket engineer?” It makes them sound like civil service positions.”

    They probably *are* civil service positions with Hamas.

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