The news

For some reason, there’s little I want to write about today.

I have nothing to say about the Colorado church shootings, except to express my horror and shock. The fact that the church had an armed guard probably saved many lives.

I am so far from the anti-gun person I was in my twenties, that I barely recognize that person any more.

Off to my staff meeting in northern VA. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to talk about while I’m gone.

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3 Responses to The news

  1. Bob says:

    This church has an armed security guard is a member of the church. This clear-thinking lady (who was way under-equipped to go up against this thug) calmly walked straight at him and ordered him to surrender. He didn’t, so she kept firing until he was no longer a threat. Talk about “David vs Goliath” replays! (If she’d only had the presence of mind you yell, “Who is this uncircumsized Philistine that he should defy the army of the Living G-d?”)

    Meryl, I’m disappointed in you. You call yourself a feminist and a defender of those under attack for their religion, so how can this story fail to thrill you on both accounts?

  2. Bob, I hadn’t heard about that when I posted this post. I had no time to read anything yesterday morning. I drive up to northern VA every Monday morning except when the staff meeting is cancelled.

  3. colin says:

    The AP took a hiatus frompropagandizing about palestinians and trying to ‘free’ Bilal Hussein to let Americans klnow the church guard was fired several years agofor lieing.
    I’m becoming more and more cynical

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