Still more on the Syrian raid

Ynet says that Condoleeza Rice is coming to Israel tomorrow to say thanks for the raid on Syria. What exactly, one has to wonder, would be so important that the Secretary of State herself would be shaking the pilots’ hands (so to speak)?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is coming to Israel on Tuesday to “say thank you” for the alleged Israeli air force operation in Syrian territory, Dr Alon Liel, a former director-general of the Foreign Ministry, told Ynetnews.

Addressing the numerous media reports which claim Israeli jets penetrated Syrian territory, Liel said: “I think what we did, if we did it, is work for Americans. Maybe even as an intelligence operation for the Americans, and therefore I think she (Rice) came to say thank you, more so than to discuss Palestinian affairs,” the former top diplomat said.

Northeast Syria, where the jets were said to have flown, according to Damascus, “is not an area that bothered Israel in the past, this is an area that bothers the Americans very much,” Liel added. “We did work for them, as you know they pay a lot so that we work for them. Seemingly they are satisfied. This has helped them to complicate the Syrians and push them deeper into the axis of evil,” he added.

And by the way, here’s why the would-be peacemakers are simply idiots:

Liel made no efforts in disguising his disappointment with the alleged Israeli operation. “Israel has a clear interest in making peace with Syria,” he said, adding that the incident in Syria’s skies has “shut the door to peace in the near future.”

Something very big went down in the Syrian desert. Either a critical test of air defenses were performed, or a possible nuclear bomb making site was destroyed, or, if you believe the [now] least likely scenario, a boatload of weapons headed for Lebanon were destroyed. And a man who has been involved in trying to make peace between Israel and Syria can only see that Israeli actions have “harmed” the peace agreement. Not the Syrian actions of hiding some kind of weapon—possibly even nuclear—in the desert near the Iraqi border. Shyeah. Let’s not blame Syria. Let’s blame Israel. And this is a former member of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, no less.

Regardless of whether or not he’s right about Condi’s trip, Liel is axiomatic of what is wrong with certain factions in Israel right now. I expect that from the Europeans. But not from Israelis.

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4 Responses to Still more on the Syrian raid

  1. saus says:

    That’s just crazy talk lol

    Rice’s visit was known in advance well before the strike, it is part of the push for the mid-east peace conference, first Solana arrived, then Blair made his official arrival, now Rice..

    Mr. Liel is clearly a bit wacky! :)

  2. Ed Hausman says:

    Of course this trip was already scheduled. If the US wanted to thank Israel publically for the raid, they’d send a general, not a diplomat who had no prior knowledge or interest in the technical details.

    Considering how officially uncommunicative both Israel and the US have been, why make a big deal over it so soon?

    Alon Liel goes to great lengths to confuse the public about his own status, staying in the media as if he’s still a macher.

  3. Gary Rosen says:

    “… shut the door to peace in the near future …”

    For crying out loud, Syria has been shutting the door to peace for 60 #*$&#*$* years. It is really difficult to restrain myself from using profanity when I hear horseshit like this. Oops, guess I didn’t.

  4. Gary Rosen says:

    Now I read the article and can only laugh. What a sucker this guy Liel is. Get this:

    “Last July, he told Ynetnews that he heard a top aide to Syrian President Basher Assad say that Israel and Syria agreed on “85 percent” of the issues which needed to be resolved before a treaty could be signed between the two countries.”

    Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you …

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