Random spam thought

When you are not quite awake, and watching the spam run through your mailbox before your brain gets into full gear, you see a spam header running through your email that says this:

Your koan approval

What is the sound of one spam deleting?

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6 Responses to Random spam thought

  1. Bert says:

    It’s the same sound a Nigerian makes hitting the “k” instead of the “l”.

  2. No, it was “loan approval.” I just saw it as “koan.”

  3. I believe the answer is *PLONK*.

  4. I just got the “I am dying” spam with the typical misspellings and phony fractured English. The person claimed to have come from Liberia but is living in England, but said he was originally an “Isreali”.

    I read of one person who set up an empty bank account in the name of Leslie Charteris and got the spammers to deposit $250 (in real money) as a test that the wire transfer worked before setting up the full “transfer”. In the messages he also used the name Claude Eustace Teal (the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector in the Saint books) as an alternate contact.

  5. Robert says:

    I love it when you can reply to spam. I send them an eBill. “Please remit $50 to (my address) as a fee for the use of my computer and for my effort to process your unsolicted commercial email. Further use of my computer to process your UCE will result in additional charges.”

    I’ve yet to get a check, but it sure has cut down on spam over the years. I also set up a yahoo account that I use to sign up for websites that insist you “register.” It gets over 500 emails a day. I just go in once a month or so and delete everything without reading it. Thanks Yahoo!


  6. bvw says:

    Every drop of rain has its destination address. So every spambot seems to have my email address, too.

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