What if

That’s Entertainment III is on PBS tonight.

And I was thinking: What if Judy Garland had survived, and what if Judy Garland had sung Sondheim?

Now that’s perfection. Just imagine her singing “I’m Still Here.”

They just don’t make ’em like that any more.

Sigh. The studio musicals were wonderful.

They really don’t make ’em like that any more. “Chicago” was a fluke, and compared to a funny, charming, upbeat musical like “Singin’ in the Rain,” it’s depressing and, well, there is no real comparison.

It’s a different era.


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2 Responses to What if

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    Meryl, don’t forget Vera-Ellen. Now there was a singer and dancer. I first noticed her when I first saw “On the Town,” and by half way through her “Miss Turnstiles” ballet I was thoroughly and forever smitten.

  2. How the hell did that comment get approved? See, that’s one of the things that drives me batty about WP. Sometimes, a comment slips through the moderation queue. It’s like Yahoo Groups is pre-approved or something.

    I am so deleting it (a comment from “Buzz” from Yahoo Groups) as soon as I finish typing this comment.

    Update: It showed up with a posting granularity of 1000. Bullshit. That’s what I’m talking about. Occasionally I get one of these, and Spam Karma thinks it’s a legit poster who has posted hundreds of posts.

    I need to put this on the WP blog or something.

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