Israeli Double Standard Time

Buried deep at the end of this article on the latest Palestinian-on-Palestinian attacks in Gaza are these statistics:

New statistics showed that during the first three months of the year 147 Gazans, including 10 children, were killed by fellow Palestinians, according to the Palestinian human rights group Al-Mezan.

Factional fighting killed 57 people in 2004, followed by 101 in 2005 and 252 last year.

Let’s put that in list format, shall we?

  • Palestinians killed by Palestinians in 2004: 57
  • Palestinians killed by Palestinians in 2005: 101
  • Palestinians killed by Palestinians in 2006: 252
  • Palestinians killed by Palestinians in 1Q2007: 147
  • Projected number of Palestinians killed by Palestinians in 2007: 588

And now, a chart:

No. of Palestinians killed by Palestinians in Gaza

Don’t expect to see any major media take note of these numbers. It isn’t the IDF, you see. Dead Palestinians only count if they are killed by Israelis, apparently.

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10 Responses to Israeli Double Standard Time

  1. Paul says:

    Such hypocrisy!

  2. Eric J says:

    Its almost as if they had a quota, and once Israel withdrew, they had to step up production.

  3. John M says:

    Oh, but of course all the violence in Gaza is understandable, what with the frustration of being “forced” to live in “refugee camps” after having been “displaced” by Israel (60 years ago) after all, don’t WE go out and shoot OUR neigbors because of something that happened to our grandparents?

  4. MrFred says:

    hmm, I need to dig up some of my old college math books and apply a curve-fitting algorithm to that trend, and we can predict when Gaza will be empty! still the Joooos’ fault, of course…

  5. chsw says:

    Mr.Fred, you should be able to fit some sort of wave equation if you go back to when Arafat and his mobsters arrived from Tunisia. After they came, there allegedly were demonstrations against these thugs during which the PLO machinegunned the protesters. There was also a wave of assassinations of locally elected mayors allegedly by those same PLO goons.

    All I can say is lets wish all of the contending Arab factions in Gaza, Judea and Samaria the very best of luck.


  6. Adam says:

    That’s just the first article I saw.

    Just because you aren’t reading it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been reported.

  7. Adam says:

    Here’s the WashPost.

    “Fatah and the Islamic militant group Hamas formed a coalition government in March aimed at ending months of Palestinian infighting.

    While the sides have largely halted their attacks on each other, Gaza continues to be plagued by clan violence, kidnappings and other crime. The violence has included a string of attacks on Internet cafes, music stores and restaurants by Islamic extremists.”

    Open your eyes before you say things aren’t reported on.

  8. Adam, that is not what I said. I said that the double standard is in effect. Had that number been Palestinians killed by the IDF, we’d have thousands of news articles reporting that information.

    In fact, in the Times article you linked, they report:

    Scores of Palestinians have been killed in armed clashes in the Gaza Strip in recent months. Gaza has become a hotbed of factional violence, and of fighting between family clans and criminal gangs.

    Wow. “Scores”: What an accurate reporting of the number killed in recent months, which is actually more than 147 (since that’s just the Jan-March stats).

    And the Times, ever the unbiased reporter, devotes exactly one paragraph to the rocket and shooting attacks that harmed Israelis, and then spends the next six paragraphs detailing B’Tselem’s latest calumny on the IDF. And one paragraph on the Israeli response to the torture reports.

    But thank you for helping to prove my point. I guess I don’t really need to open my eyes now, do I?

    You might want to peruse my archives before commenting next time. Or even read in full the story you’re linking. I read a lot of articles. I don’t write about every one of them.

  9. Lefty says:

    To truly be a double standard, the circumstances need to be comparable, which means we’d need to see hundreds of Israelis killing other Israelis in political violence. You can argue that the fighting in Gaza doesn’t get enough media attention, but you can’t claim it’s due to a double standard.

  10. No, that would be a duplicate situation, not a double standard.

    A double standard involves events that happen that are treated one way for one actor, and another for a second actor. This is about the same actions being treated differently because there are two different sources for that action.

    When Palestinian civilians are killed by the IDF, the world goes into overdrive, scheduling emergency sessions of the UN, calling for resolutions condemning Israel, and spawning literally thousands of news articles the world over. Television news shows lead with as many horrific images as they can get away with, have Palestinian spokesliars on to explain the event, and rarely give Israel or the IDF a chance to expound their point of view of what happened. The funerals of children are especially well-represented in pictures.

    When Palestinian civilians are killed by Palestinians, it doesn’t make the television news shows, it barely rates a mention most times, and statistics like the ones in this post are largely ignored by the media.

    Sorry. The fact that Palestinian civilian deaths are rising exponentially since the takeover of the government by Hamas is news. That it is not being treated in the same way as the world treats the news of Palestinian civilians killed by the IDF—well, that’s a double standard.

    This is about the death of civilians, Lefty. Not people being killed in “political violence.”

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