The Gore Effect hits Richmond

Yesterday morning, I woke up, went downstairs, opened the door, and nearly dropped dead of shock. April in Richmond and there was SNOW on the trees and cars.

Snow in Richmond in April!

I heard rain during the night, but had no idea that Al Gore had returned home to Tennessee. I should have known. His effect was felt far and wide.

Snow in Richmond in April!

Snow in Richmond. In April. Holy cow.

That wasn’t the end of it. It snowed more a while later, and there was enough snow that Sarah’s kids could make a snow chair. (She’ll put the post up soon, I’m sure, but when you have four children and it’s the first weekend of spring break, you don’t have a lot of time to blog. Update: Here it is, the snow armchair. I’d call it the Uncomfy Chair, but that’s just me.)

Someone make Gore go away. I want spring back. There’s something truly wrong in seeing green-tinted puddles of pollen and melting snow beneath your car. It was in the eighties last week, while he was gone. Al Gore, go somewhere that needs coolling down and leave the rest of us alone!

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8 Responses to The Gore Effect hits Richmond

  1. Paul says:

    Al Gore – the thought of him fills me with gore !

  2. Travis says:

    Last night and early Easter morning we, here in Austin, Texas were pelted with several hours of freezing rain. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life(40+ years) and it has NEVER been so cold in April during an Easter egg hunt. Some of the eggs were Frozen to the ground! Global Warming has not yet had an impact in Central Texas.

  3. SDN says:

    Here in Plano TX we had snow flurries at lunchtime yesterday.

  4. brian says:

    Silly Meryl, don’t you know you know it’s no longer global warming, it’s global climate change?
    Headed out of Richmond to Fairfax to visit family and got a trace of it there as well.
    The plants needed water, snow will do.
    Meanwhile anything that drives down the pollen will work for me. Richmond’s pollen has been over the top this year.

  5. Alan Furman says:

    Wait til you see what Gore and his fellow thermo-apocalyptics do to the livelihoods of coal miners, or, for that manner, anyone not able to afford carbon indulgences.

  6. Robert says:

    Sadly, here in Denver, CO, it killed my entire flowerbed…

  7. Didn’t you know? The solution to global warming is to pay money to Al Gore’s shill corporation and do absolutely nothing else. That’s what he’s doing, and it’s what he wants governments to do as well.

    Whodathunkit. That global climate change is impacted more by financial transactions than all other natural forces combined.

  8. Robert says:

    Good news! My flowers survived the snow and cold snap. Bad news! There’s another one due in this week. Hey, wasn’t it the Algore crowd that told us toasters would fall from the sky on December 31, 1999? Hmmm, Agent Kay did say he was an alien…

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