“Peace Through Superior Firepower”

Well, while everybody else was slaving away at their Shire Network News pieces, I was working on my round five piece for Podcast Pickle’s Pickle Tales is out with Round Five. It’s down to three storytellers: me and two other chumps.

The topic was some namby-pamby crap about World Peace, but they didn’t say which world that peace would break out on. So, I had a little fun… and the judges got whiny about it, it seems.

Pfeh. General Zwoporo can take care of them later.

Until then, the Pickle Tales feed has Round 5 available for download.

I want to warn y’all that my piece is a serious gut-buster, beverage-blowing laugh-riot. You will ruin your keyboard, monitor, pants, and even your car if you’re driving while listening.

Now, if you haven’t registered for their forums to vote for the best piece, please do so.

Then, listen to all three stories and vote for the best one by someone without the word “Ross” in their name.

Thanks for all your support, and we’ll see if I survive into the final round for the title.

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I'm a thirty-something dataschmuck in Houston, TX. I spend my free time grilling, baking, playing with cats, and trying to invent the Tequila Sunset.
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