Saddam Hangman haiku

Saddam is hanging
He did some very bad things
Hussein, meet Hangman.

The clock is ticking
Today is Saddam’s death day
There won’t be presents

Join in, folks!


Saddam is dead now
It’s Tuna for Terrorists!
The cats are happy

Update 2:

Good point on TV
Remember Saddam’s victims
They rest easy now

Update 3: Geez, do so many of you have to be so gross?

Update 4:

Going to bed now
Comment moderation back
When Lair goes to bed

Translation: I turned off comment moderation for this post, and Lair Simon will turn it back on for me before he signs off.

I’ll approve all your haikus tomorrow morning.

Update 5:
Saddam is dead
palestinians mourn him
They are terrorists

Fox News has pictures
Saddam alive; Saddam dead
The picture is strange

Saddam is dead now
This will not stop violence
Never said it would

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120 Responses to Saddam Hangman haiku

  1. RobC says:

    You killed enemies both real and imagined.
    Kurds were worthless as were your countrymen
    to be used and abused at your whim,
    now you are assuming the ambient.

  2. Kristopher says:

    A hidden gravesite
    Iraqis can’t crap in it.
    No health hazard here

  3. Saddam is no more
    he’s in the cutout bin with
    Kevin Federline

  4. Person of the year
    Hanged by neck until he’s dead
    Who’s sane at Time mag?

  5. Chris L. says:

    The lion is dead
    Thank you to our armed forces
    Muqtada? You’re next.

  6. Rahel says:

    The death notices
    Hung here during the Gulf War
    Are up to date now.

  7. Ken Z says:

    As the desert wind blows its sand
    his moment
    passes forever in time
    a small sad soul

  8. Neo-andertal says:

    Ode to a Tekriti (from a resistance perspective)

    He will rule again!!!
    Propping up Saddam’s dead corpse.
    Wishing for old times.

    At least this is done. (I prefer this one)

    Pigs look better dead.
    They stared at their masters corpse.
    At least he is done.

  9. Steve says:

    Sadam Hussein warns
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    See what can happen

  10. Xystus says:

    “He’s dead, Jim!” they say;
    No more Butcher of Baghdad.
    Happy New Year, World!

  11. Tommy the Towelhead says:

    Respect the deceased
    Bury in a gold casket
    Lined with fine-sliced ham.

  12. Dr. Palmer's Ghost says:

    Saddam suffering
    Cervical subluxation
    Arthrostim useless

  13. Bob says:

    Lofty he did go,
    Yet to end it so low – lo,
    a physics demo.

  14. Eric J says:

    That Koran he wrote
    With his own blood in the ink-
    Print some more copies

    Saddam’s no Shahid
    Just a thief and murderer
    Allah will forget

    Had Saddam once built
    The gallows from which he swung
    To hang Mordechai?

  15. Pavel says:

    Sic semper’t Iran
    Issssssssss. Ahmadinejad gets
    It. Don’t you, snake boy?

  16. Stander says:

    Speaketh not his name.
    It deserveth only to
    Be silenced for good.

    But remember him,
    Lest another tyrant’s name
    Be spoken again.

  17. BigEZ says:

    Seventy-two fold
    Virgins in heaven proclaim
    “We ain’t touchin’ that!”

  18. John says:

    Room temperature
    What to do with his body?
    Feed it to the dogs.

  19. Saddam the damned
    No one he spared
    Now he dies…yet none cry

  20. mike says:

    Saddam dies.
    Life finaly imitates
    South Park.

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