29 days…

left in Saddam’s execution order.

I was going to put up a javascript clock, but this works just as well.

Update: Hundreds apply to be Saddam’s hangman.

Only hundreds?

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8 Responses to 29 days…

  1. Might want to prepare a Hangman game with Saddam and the word spelling out ZIONISTS, because Saddam and his minions are going to go all-out psycho before he meets the noose.

  2. Paul says:

    May Saddam Hussein’s name be blotted out !!

  3. cond0010 says:

    Sounds like one of them ‘fragmented sentences’:

    ‘Hundreds (*of thousands*) apply to be Saddams hangman’.

    Ah…. the blessings of Sales Training shine through… (*sigh*)

  4. It is only hundreds because they have not advertised yet.

    However according to Hot Air Only if Iraq’s three-man Presidency Council issues a decree ordering the execution sooner would the Justice Ministry execute the ousted leader before January 26, the court’s Raed Jouhi told Reuters. If there were no decree, he would be hanged any time after that, at a date to be set by the Justice Ministry, and the Kurds oppose hanging him till the trial for killing Kurds is over. Apparently after the 30 days the Justice Ministry can decide when to hang him, but it must happen before his birthday on April 28, or it may be impossible to kill him, because they can’t execute anyone over 70 years old.

  5. Herschel says:

    I believe its going to happen very soon, most likely before new years day.
    We will probably wake up to the news that the butcher of Baghdad has been executed.

  6. chsw says:

    Whoever winds up as Saddam Hussein’s hangman should use a 2-INCH drop.


  7. chsw, why not suggest he be hanged the way they do in Iran. No drop. Just attach the rope to a crane and lift him up with noose around his neck.

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