The “moderate” Khatami on Hezbullah and Western thought

The so-called “moderate” ex-president of Iran, Mohammed Khatami, expresses his moderate views: He says Iran has nothing to do with Hezbullah financially.

Khatami also denied that Iran helps fund the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, but defended the organization’s right to exist. “Hezbollah today is a symbol of Lebanese resistance,” he said.

Yeah, all those Iranian-made missiles, the Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen killed there, the regular visits of Hezbullah leaders and Iran’s training of Hezbullah terrorists—those had nothing to do with Iran.

I should point out, not that it makes any difference, that there was no Israeli presence in Lebanon until Hezbullah invaded Israel, murdered three soldiers, and kidnapped two more.

But those are all acts of the “resistance.”

Over at LGF, there’s a link to Khatami’s speech at the National Cathedral yesterday, where he said the West has an “over-reliance on reason.”


Because what Iran is doing is just the height of reason, isn’t it?

Moderate my ass. This guy’s as bad as Ahmadinejad. He’s just learned how to cover it.

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2 Responses to The “moderate” Khatami on Hezbullah and Western thought

  1. Tatterdemalian says:

    There’s no such thing as an over-reliance on reason. Over-reliance on people who claim to be reasonable, most certainly, but reason itself cannot be relied on enough.

  2. therealjg says:

    Actually, I agree with Khatami about an over-reliance on reason in the West. However, Khatami’s speech showed how unpursuasive under-reliance on reason can be. It reads almost as though it were the product of a bizarre AI program. Don’t event hosts ever screen speeches in advance?

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