The Path to 9/11: Not taken

I couldn’t care less about this miniseries. Assigning blame is a pointless exercise, because twenty years of American presidents deserve the blame. Reagan, Bush the elder, Clinton, and Bush the younger all share in America’s missing the danger that is now known as Islamism.

In fact, I watched The Fantastic Four on HBO tonight instead of wasting time and energy on a miniseries that seeks to lay the blame for the current state of the world.

And I find it hilarious that the same conservatives who were going batshit over the Reagan biography’s many inaccuracies are now defending the ABC miniseries’ many inaccuracies in almost exactly the same manner as the liberals defended whoever was going to run the Reagan pic. The roles are completely reversed: Republicans wanted to squelch the Reagan biopic, Democrats wanted it aired and yelled “FIRST AMENDMENT!” as loudly as they could. Sound familiar? It should.

Kindly stop sending me emails with links to the unedited clips of the miniseries. Since when has any televised “docudrama” been worth the paper it’s printed on? Since when do conservatives take the much-maligned MSM at its word, and suddenly impute Word-of-God status to a movie made for television?

You want to assign blame? Then remember that Ronald Reagan ordered our Marines to cut and run after Hezbullah murdered hundreds of them in their sleep in Lebanon. Remember that Clinton ordered our troops to cut and run after Mogadishu, and that he did nothing in particular after the bombings of the embassies in Kenya, and the bombing of the Cole.

You want to lay the blame? Blame all four presidents who allowed U.S. citizens to be murdered on their watch, and did nothing. Right up to 2003, when a convoy that was in Gaza to help palestinians was bombed—by palestinian terrorists. The PA arrested the usual suspects, all of whom, I believe, were let go.

Yasser Arafat knew that he could bomb with impunity, because the United States has never avenged a single American death in Israel. And there have been many.

So count me in the numbers of Americans who won’t be watching the “docudrama.” I’m sorry, but I learned a long time ago that the “docu” part is about the equivalent of a high school book report’s version of Moby Dick. There’s a whale in it, and Captain Ahab, but the rest is just another fish story.

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8 Responses to The Path to 9/11: Not taken

  1. Eric J says:

    I know it should go without saying, but no, it shouldn’t go without saying – you should have included Carter in your list of blind presidents. Or are you simply preferring not to remember that Carter was ever president? I can understand, given the blood pressure problems you’ve been having.

    I watched the Manning Bowl.

  2. Jim Katz says:

    I don’t watch tv unless I’m visiting friends and it happens to be on. They know if they want me to work on their computers they’d better shut if off. The last time I watched at home was 9/11/01. Tonite I read Rich Galen’s latest Mullings news letter with links to his post-9/11 news letters. That’s all I needed..

  3. Tatterdemalian says:

    Don’t forget that, at the time of the Lebanon attack, the USSR was a much bigger threat to the US, and even the world.

    If Reagan hadn’t taken the Soviets out when he had the chance, we would all be glowing in the dark after any successful 9/11 style attack.

    I’m not going to fault Reagan for missing the signs, because he at least read the signs right on the larger threat. Had someone like Kim Jong Il been in charge of the USSR, instead of Gorbachev, when the inevitable collapse occurred, it would have resulted in nuclear armageddon for sure.

  4. Reagan doesn’t get a pass for not responding to the murder of hundreds of Marines because of the Soviet threat.

    The topic is Islamic terrorism, not the USSR. Reagan did nothing to stop it, either—just like his predecessor and his successors, until 9/11 hit.

  5. The Doctor says:

    I’m not going to fault Reagan because we must have rachmonis for those who clearly had signs of Alzheimers as early as 1981. I do fault his staff, many of whom are still in government…

  6. Hucklebuck says:

    You left Carter out.

  7. J. Lichty says:

    Well said Meryl.

  8. I did leave out Carter, who is equally as responsible for the rise of Islamism by ignoring an act of war by the Iranian mullahs.

    But I probably just forgot about him because I can’t stand thinking of Jimmy the Jew-hater.

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