The war Hezbollah couldn’t lose – and might

In a few days, when the Lebanese front calms down, the internal politics will kick in. Some grievances will be aired, some accounts will be paid – as usual after our regular helter-skelter manner of going into wars.

Bradley Burston (who but Bradley, indeed?) offers a sober look at what is already trumpeted as a victory by both Nasrallah and Olmert. The article starts with:

It went into the war as the best equipped guerrilla force in history, with sophisticated laser-guided anti-tank missile weaponry, with bunkers built with reinforced concrete walls four meters (12 feet) thick, with more than 13,000 rockets, a launcher for every eight of them, command and control networks built with Iranian advice and Iranian advisors, and a string of fortifications, some of them originally built by Israel, up to the very edge of Israel’s northern border.

And ends with:

When this war is over and Israel’s troops are gone from Lebanon, and when the rage at Israel begins to subside, it will be Nasrallah’s turn – like Nasser’s four decades ago – to answer to fellow Arabs for his actions.

And you should read everything in-between by yourselves, it is worth your time.

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