A note to AMC directors and producers

Dear Idiot who thought the hand-held camera look would make your soap seem more real:

It doesn’t.

Let me remind you of a fact you seem to be forgetting: All My Children is a soap opera. Soap. Opera.

It is not high drama. It is not Shakespeare. And while it has some pretty damned good moments from time to time, it is, ultimately, a five-day-a-week continuing story. A serial drama about fake people, in fake towns, who hold fake jobs that they almost never go to, and yet, get paid fabulous wages for. It’s about fake families with fake long-lost relatives returning from fake amnesia attacks, fake medical procedures, and fake children who age from eight to eighteen in a matter of months.

In fact, we love soap operas precisely because they have so little to do with reality. They are an escape, people. We don’t watch them because we think we’re going to learn something from them, other than who is sleeping with whom, and how outrageous the writers are going to get during sweeps.

Your shaky camera angles do nothing but annoy your loyal viewers.

Kindly get over yourselves, and give us back a steady camera shot.


A fan who will stop watching if you don’t get rid of the stupid new hand-held camera thing.

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2 Responses to A note to AMC directors and producers

  1. Kai Jones says:

    Yeah, that really bugs me every where. I mean, somebody actually went to the trouble of inventing a hand-held camera that gives a steady shot to increase the options for directors! You don’t need the shaky fakey hand-held camera work! It’s called a Steadycam, and they need to get some.

  2. gnite21 says:

    I agree. It makes me dizzy. Can’t stand it.

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