The difference between Israel and Hezbullah


The report of the killings in Israel created a feeling of pride among members of the organization. Announcers on Hizbullah’s al-Manar television stations wore wide smiles and, over the course of the broadcast, aired militant TV clips and messages from viewers, who called in to support the organization’s continued operations against Israel.


The prime minister expressed regret for the attack in the southern Lebanon village of Qana on Sunday, which killed 56 people, among them 37 children.*

“I am sorry from bottom of heart for all deaths of children or women in Qana,” Olmert said. “We did not search them out… they were not our enemies and we did not look for them.”

And the world calls Israeli actions barbaric.

*The total killed has now been changed to 28. No word on how many children were killed. Funny, how that total keeps going down, and the story keeps changing.

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  1. LynnB says:

    16 children now, according to “Human Rights Watch” (a/k/a Hezbullah/Hamas Rights Watch)(no link intended, but the report is easy to find)

  2. Ozzie says:

    The cartoon I saw at Allison’s place is perfect for this.

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