The Bagel Blogger: All things video

If you’re not checking out Aaron’s site, you are missing some major-league inspiring videos.

I’d very much like to know the singer’s name. And if a CD is available.

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  1. Aaron says:

    The singer is Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach to Lo Yira Ra
    Thanks to Sultan Knish who originally uploaded the Video

    regards Aaron

  2. Thank you Aaron,

    the song is Gam Ki Elech and it appeared originally a while back in 1974 as part of a classic collection of Rabbi Carlebach’s songs focusing on Israel and the IDF

  3. Thank you, Sultan Knish. I just ordered it, and you’re on my blogroll.

    Actually, anyone who blogs on Jewish and Israeli issues can get on it. Just email me or post it here and I’ll update my list.

  4. thank you, I’ve added you too

    if you buy any more rabbi carlebach cd’s, my advice is to go for the older ones particularly of the 70’s when he was at his peak

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