Iran declares war on Israel with deeds, not words

Threatening Israel, supplying Hezbullah with 13,000 rockets and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to launch them, and fighting the IDF with Iranian soldiers are apparently not enough for the mad mullahs of Iran.

Now they’re sending suicide bombers.

Is Tehran stepping up its involvement in the Israeli-Lebanese confrontation? Iran is set to send the first group of suicide bombers to Lebanon on Wednesday, the Iranian news agency ILNA reported.

The expeditionary force, dubbed by the Iranian regime as “Loyalists of Islamic Justice,” will be the first ever to be sent to Lebanon. According to the report, the force is compiled of seekers of the Shahadah (death for the sake of heaven), who are set to depart from Tehran after the noontime prayer on Wednesday.

What good are suicide bombers going to do against the IDF, you may be wondering. So was I. Well, apparently, they’re not going to kill Israelis. They’re going to kill Lebanese civilians.

Other reports claimed that two groups made up of 27 volunteers have already left for Syria on their way to Lebanon. The volunteers’ task, after having undergone a months-long training, would be to carry out suicide bombings aimed at wreaking havoc and fear around military and civilian targets. According to the report, the group’s mission is to trigger a civil war within the divided Lebanese society, and cause the situation in the country to deteriorate even further.

I cannot begin to describe how depraved even the thought of this is. And Gorilla Boy? He’s bragging:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in this regard that “the storm in the Middle East is approaching. Those who caused the storm shall bear the consequences.”

Yes, storm-maker. You will bear the consequences of your actions. But I don’t think they’re going to be what you think they’ll be.

Tell me again about this so-called “religion of peace.” I could use a good bedtime story.

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  3. Michael Lonie says:

    You know these Islamists, Shi’a or Sunni, like Gorilla Boy and Zarqawi, really are Satan-worshipers, to judge by their actions. Do Muslims really want their faith dominated by such swine?

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