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Two children were killed by katyusha fire in Nazareth. I doubt you’ll read “Three people, all members of the same family, were killed by Hezbullah rockets” the way you always read “X members of the same family were killed by Israeli forces in blahblah village” when you see this news in the wire services, but hey, I’m just imagining the anti-Israel bias.

The IDF is trying to hit Hezbullah where it really hurts: In the pocketbook.

Military sources said warplanes attacked structures in which Hizbullah stores its money; among the targets hit were the four el-Mal (Money house) buildings in Bint Jbeil, Nabatiyeh, Baalbek and the Tyre area.

In addition, the “Shahid Fund” financial office in Beirut was also attacked by IAF jets, as were buildings used for Hizbullah financial operations in the capital.

The attacks are aimed at hindering Hizbullah’s ability to recuperate following the conclusion of the IDF operation in Lebanon.

Rockets are still falling on northern Israel, but the IAF got another long-range missile launcher.

Hezbullah is getting desperate—they’re trying to infiltrate the north and have been stopped and destroyed every time.

Israel Defense Forces troops clashed Wednesday afternoon with Hizbullah terrorists across the border with Lebanon near the Avivim community.

Helicopter gunships, tanks and ambulances have been called to the area, the army said. A terrorist was killed and another fled the scene after fierce clashes.

Of course, this could also be the reason:

An IDF officer told Ynet earlier that troops are operating inside Lebanese territory to carry out pinpoint operations.

The IDF also plans to destroy about 20 Hizbullah posts along the border with Israel. Troops are currently operating about a kilometer inside Lebanese territory to destroy Hizbullah posts and tunnels built across the border from Shlomi, and Rosh Hanikra.

At the end of this war, the borders will not be bristling with Hezbullah outposts. I’m now certain of that.

Sorry, I can’t quote this piece of garbage. Go read Reuters’ take on Israel’s “suspicions” of the UN, and why she doesn’t trust UNIFIL to keep Hezbullah from re-forming once this war is done.

This AP piece is almost balanced, until you get here:

The Israeli army confirmed there were clashes with Hezbollah in the border area and that some Israelis were among the casualties, but it would not elaborate. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television channel reported that two Israeli soldiers had been killed and three wounded, but that could not be confirmed. Hezbollah officials in south Lebanon added that one guerrilla had been killed.

Israel, which has mainly limited itself to attacks from the air and sea, had been reluctant to send in ground troops because Hezbollah is far more familiar with the terrain and because of memories of Israel’s ill-fated 18-year occupation of south Lebanon that ended in 2000.

Wow. Deep analysis, man. Totally rocks! Because, like, it’s not like the Israelis don’t know that Hezbullah has been trapping the border for six years with all kinds of explosive devices, some large enough to destroy a Merkava tank and kill everyone inside. No, the IDF is wary of Hezbullah because they know the terrain better and because the IDF is haunted by memories. Right. Cue flashback, Team America-style.

Meantime, back on the Gaza front, the IDF is battling terrorists in the West Bank. And killing them. And another terrorist attack was thwarted.

And lastly, morale is very high in the IDF.

“We are working in the transportation center 24 hours a day, shipping all kinds of equipment and transporting soldiers,” said Colonel Aryeh. “It is a very difficult job but the soldiers volunteer and wish be part of the effort. Even the number of soldiers absent declined during this period. It seems that everyone wants to take part in the IDF operation these days.”

Say, Chipmunk-cheeks: How’s the morale down in your rathole, eh? Feeling a little depressed these days? Put-upon? Does it feel like the whole world is falling down around your ears?


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  1. Jason says:

    Now that they have been launching rockets into Nazareth traditionaly a christian town where Jesus lived I wonder where the condemnation is from the vatican? My guess tells me I will wondering forever.

  2. Joel Rosenberg says:

    Ravia Taluza (age 3) and his brother Mahmoud (age 9) — the children murdered by Hezbollah in Nazareth — were are, unsurprisingly, Arabs. (A large Arab population in the city; Mahmoud isn’t exactly a common Jewish name.)

    Don’t expect Hezbollah to grieve over them; that would take humanity.

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