Jew-hatred in San Francisco

Via LGF, Jew-hatred in San Francisco masquerading as a protest of Israeli actions. Chanting “We support Hezbullah’s fight” leave me to conclude that you are totally down with the rockets landing in Haifa. And an effyouverymuch to the San Franciscans who took part in this lovely exhibition of anti-Semitism.

It isn’t just the naked hatred evident by the protest organizers that bothers me. It’s the obliviousness of the people standing around listening to the chant, and thinking they’re cool, and not even realizing that by assenting to this dirt they are implicitly approving of missiles murdering Israeli civilians. Some of these protesters are truly evil. The rest are despicable for their refusal to engage their brains. To quote a favorite Monty Python line of mine: I spit in their general direction.

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4 Responses to Jew-hatred in San Francisco

  1. Dave Katz says:

    Hi Meryl,

    I think the line is “I fart in your general direction” from the Search for the Holy Grail, but I’ve been wrong before.


  2. Jon says:

    I don’t get it; perhaps the most liberal city in the US is so intolerant about this. They are tolerant of bums, they are tolerant about all sexual matters, but they are not tolerant about religion.

  3. carpundit says:

    I would go further than Meryl. Those chanting supportor carrying signs for the Party of God (Hizbollah) and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) are enemies not only of Israel, not only of the Jews, but of the United States as well. They are terrorism supporters.

    It is hard to say much about the watchers. They may be terrorist sympathizers, or Jew-haters, or merely curious passersby. For my part, I occasionally watch my enemies chanting the same garbage in Boston’s Copley Square.

    Know your enemy, and keep an eye on him.

  4. Raj says:

    These people are retarded….
    I am very much a liberal normally (vegetarian, pro-choice feminist environmentalist), but I completely break with other liberals on the Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan issues (all Islamic extremism issues really).
    I am sorry but I think Islam is a disease not a religion. Not saying there aren’t peaceful muslims etc. but they are a minority. Anyone who supports Hezbollah or Hamas is a TERRORIST/TERRORIST SUPPORTER. This naivete irritates me intensely on part of the liberals that think this sort of thing is “cool”, “compassionate” or whatever they are telling themselves …sheesh…idiots!
    “Support Hezbollah” it seems…morons….

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