Time out for life events

I’m going on a job interview tomorrow. It’s a pretty important one. It will be a permanent position with a Large Company in Richmond, great benefits, interesting job, and it’s another writing position.

I will be in interviews most of the afternoon. I’ll post a little in the morning, probably. But there will be a long stretch of silence from me while I’m trying to convince Large Company to hire me.

I’ve done about all I can to make myself as ready for this interview as possible, down to getting my hair and nails done this afternoon. You can’t underestimate the effect of your appearance in an interview, and I really want this job. I’ve got my writing samples all printed out, presented nicely in my Lucent portfolio (the gift from the finance dept. when I worked on their website years ago), and everything is on my jump drive in case they need more.

Now, all I have to do is convince Large Company that they need me, not anyone else they’ve interviewed.

Good thoughts will not be turned down.

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14 Responses to Time out for life events

  1. Derick says:

    Best of luck. I am sure you’ll make a good impression.

  2. Larry G says:

    Meryl, you have the good thoughts of many. You are very talented and they will be lucky to have you.

  3. Robert says:

    Good luck. Knock ’em dead!

  4. Ben F says:

    Go get ’em, Meryl.

  5. What I’d really like to know is: What did I do with my silver shell earrings?

    Damn. Can’t find ’em. Nothing else goes as well with my outfit.

  6. velvel of atlanta says:

    Do good, shvester. We’ll drop gelt in the pushke for you.

  7. Jim Wilkinson says:

    Good Luck!

  8. Alex Bensky says:

    I can do better than good thoughts, Meryl. You tell the interviewer that you have a friend who is particularly interested in your getting this job and he’s from…Detroit.

  9. Hugh says:

    Good luck, Meryl. May the Force be with you!

  10. cond0010 says:

    Good Luck, Meryl.

  11. Rahel says:

    Be-hatzlaha, Meryl!

  12. The Doctor says:

    Good luck! I work at (unspecified) Large Company part-time and there are worse gigs…

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