More Hezbullah attacks on civilians

Obviously, the work is not nearly finished. Hezbullah doesn’t appear to be lying about the number of rockets left, as it shot more than 100 at Israel today.

Massive rocket barrage hits northern Israel after several hours of calm: One person was killed Tuesday evening while running to a bomb shelter, raising the death toll of Israelis killed in rocket attacks since the fighting in the north began to 13.

About 60 people were injured in Tuesday evening’s rocket attack and were evacuated to hospitals in Safed and Nahariya.

Some 130 rockets were fired at the north by Tuesday evening, 100 of them fired in a heavy barrage within one hour and a half, Northern District Police Commander Major-General Dan Ronen told Ynet.

Hizbullah suffered a harsh blow , but still managed to fire a heavy barrage of rockets at the entire northern area. Five or six rockets hit open areas near Haifa. Other rockets hit the Kiryat Haim area, Nahariya, Carmiel, Maalot, Tiberias, Safed, Hatzor Haglilit and Rosh Pina.

The buildings in Nahariya were seriously damaged. Moshe, who was at the scene of the rocket attack in Nahariya, told Ynet: “I was five meters (16.4 feet) away from the man killed. He ran to the bomb shelter, and the rocket reached him and hit him right next to the shelter.”

Once again, I should like to point out that Hezbullah is directly targeting civilians, a fact that is utterly lost on most of the world. But not on us.

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3 Responses to More Hezbullah attacks on civilians

  1. Cynic says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed but those katyushas are full of ballbearings and other shrapnel just to make things bloodier.
    The railway guys who died were sprayed with shot.

  2. spazzmomma says:

    Israel is defending herself and going after Hezbullah.No way it can be compaired to the “any Jooo will do” campaign on civilians by Hezbullah.

  3. Herschel says:

    I sense a slight shift in the MSM’s reaction to the conflict in Lebanon, even my local Minneapolis Star/Trib had an editorial today actually blaming the Hezbulls**t for starting this war.

    “Perhaps the best outcome would be for Israel to put Hezbollah’s military wing out of business. If the group were declawed militarily and discredited politically, Lebanon would be a better place. It’s encouraging that several moderate Arab regimes have denounced Hezbollah and the Syrian and Iranian politicians behind it.”

    Maybe they are finally beginning to understand that the terrorists actually mean what they say! I know this awakening can change quickly [note; they said military wing] but its gratifying to see it for now.

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