Gaza civil war alert

Terrorists are killing each other again.

Dozens of Hamas militants Tuesday fired at the Gaza city home of Nabil Tammous, infiltrated it, and blew it up.

Tammous is a senior member of Fatah’s Preventive Security Services and a former commander of the “death squads” – an elite PSS unit.

At least five of his bodyguards were wounded in the attack, one of them critically.

[…] On Sunday, Hamas militants shot dead Mohammed Zachi Dahlan – a Khan Yunis PSS officer and a relative of former head of the PSS Mohammed Dahlan.


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One Response to Gaza civil war alert

  1. Chaim says:

    Amazing … Israeli’s band together during this time of war. Palestinians start killing each other.

    This is the enemy the world wants us to live in peace with.

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