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I have finally met my match in anecdotes, and it is Treppenwitz.

You simply must read this anecdote of his, which stands as an analogy of the situation in Lebanon right now.

Lair Simon caught the creepazoids protesting in front of Houston’s Israeli Consulate. Funny, I thought they were protesting about Lebanon. What’s with all the “Free palestine” signs?

Andy’s got photos of the rally in NY yesterday. He has a picture of my boyfriend, too. Thanks, Andy. More photos and video over at Atlas Shrugs and Kesher Talk.

Imshin has been blogging up a storm lately. It’s almost impossible to choose a post. Let’s see. This one? This one? How about this one? Oh, wait—this one slams the French. Definitely that one. Never mind, just go to the site, scroll down, and read them all. Imshin, tell Eldest that Shoosha will be able to take care of herself. That’s what cats do.

Once again, if you don’t use the clickable graphic on the left (the one that says “Israel at war”), you can click here to go to the same place and get a list of bloggers, news sites, and where to send money.

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3 Responses to Reading material

  1. Thanks Meryl.

    My theory on life is that if a guy ends up with a few decent anecdotes to show for a mis-spent youth… it wasn’t really mis-spent.

  2. Ezzie says:

    Wow, thanks Meryl. We really appreciate it. Hopefully, people will continue to use it to see what they otherwise wouldn’t. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but Balaboosteh’s pictures are incredible (some very sad).

  3. cond0010 says:

    Thanks Meryl. Another sparkly to add to my personal ‘library’.

    Treppenwitz: Utterly amazing. This cuts against the grain of this era’s conventional wisdom – and exposes a major cultural flaw of ‘civilized’ behavior.

    Not that you’ld care, but I’ll be stopping by more frequently as I have just bookmarked you tonight.

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