The end in sight?

Looks like diplomacy is going to get a foothold.

When the current conflict in the north ends, Israel will demand disarmament arrangements in Lebanon that will prevent Hezbollah from renewing its military capabilities.

According to political sources in Jerusalem, Israel will not agree to a return to the security situation that existed on the eve of the outbreak of the fighting. Nor would Israel agree to a cease-fire in the area as this would be tantamount to a Hezbollah victory, the sources said.

The sources in Jerusalem believe the fighting in the north will cease toward the end of the current week on Thursday or Friday.

Israels principal concern is that after the fighting, Hezbollah will take advantage of the cease-fire to restore its military capabilities to purchase rockets and other arms, to retrain its forces and renew its threat to the Israeli home front.

A return to the status quo is unacceptable, and I think that was the message of the past week’s bombing missions.

Then again, Israel called up three reserve units to free up soldiers for work in Lebanon. Don’t count on this week being the end of hostilities.

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2 Responses to The end in sight?

  1. Aaron says:

    Despite the efforts of ‘ole yellow belly Chirac’, I hope that the UN/EU peace keepers don’t come into Lebanon. We all know Hizbollah hide, they hide well, they hide within and among the civilian population, the presence of peace keepers will just make that hiding ever so much easier.

    Seems funny that such brave, and willing martyrs for Nasrallah, crawl into rat holes the second they’re presented with an opportunity to meet their ‘enemy’, no sadly this festering disease ridden plague will be around just a little bit longer, until the biggest rat of them all is given his deserved rat bait.

    Hizbollah, Hezbollah, Hezbolla whatever, hopefully soon it will be a question for historians.
    Bagel Blogger

    P.S. Check out my take on ‘that IDF plane’ that Hizbollah supposedly shot down’

    Hizbollah Hijinx

  2. Alan Furman says:

    Why not simply skip all the violence and start out with the famously successful Peace Process instead?

    “We’ve had five and a half years of a failed experiment in tough talk absent diplomacy and engagement. I think it’s time to go back to what works, and what has historically worked and what can work again.” – Hillary Clinton

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