Aurora borealis migrainis


I was all set to settle in for the evening with a movie or something, or read for a while, and suddenly, I can’t see because there’s an aurora across my vision.

It’s the precursor to a migraine. Immediately upon seeing the aurora, I take a ton of ibuprofen. I have the lightest touch of migraines to hit my family, but I still get them.

You can’t watch TV with an aurora across your vision. You can’t read. You can’t blog. About the only thing you can do is listen with your eyes closed. I’d grab some podcasts, but I can barely see to type.

Funny. I don’t feel stressed, but I guess I am.

That’s it for me tonight, it seems. And I promised Brian I’d send out my podcast tonight. Damn. Hope this thing goes away.

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6 Responses to Aurora borealis migrainis

  1. Kathy K says:

    If you aren’t stressed, with all that’s going on, I’d really wonder about you.

  2. Oceanguy says:

    Mine start with looking through a jagged ring of brightly lit shards of a broken mirror… I feel your pain.

  3. Or you can listen with your eyes closed and fall asleep to Missy Higgins and wake up with the aurora gone and the headache pushing at your forehead.

    Gotta finish my podcast and go to bed.

  4. Y’know, Kathy, you’re right.

    I’m having a really tough time finishing the podcast.

    I guess between the end of my temp assignment and the war, I’m a bit stressed.

    Time for a dandelion break.

  5. cond0010 says:

    Sorry to hear your temp assignment is over, Meryl. I musta missed you saying something about it.

  6. Maggie45 says:

    Meryl, I hope you feel better very soon. Since I started following Dadamo’s blood type diet, I don’t get the migraines anymore.

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