Hezbullah war crimes

The rockets being fired at Israeli cities and towns are hidden in special rooms in civilian homes.

A senior IDF official revealed Saturday that Hizbullah has been hiding a large quantity of long-range rockets in specially-designed rooms built in houses in Southern Lebanon villages, operating under the assumption that the Israeli army will have difficulty in locating them and that it would prefer not to harm villages.

According to the official, the rockets that have been concealed are capable of reaching a range of 40-70 kilometers (roughly 25-43 miles).

“We took the gloves off in this confrontation, we targeted these places and will hit every convoy transporting arms, even if there are Iranian elements within it,” he stated.

You won’t see this information in the mainstream media accounts, but it’s part of what’s driving up the civilian casualty statistics.

According to the officer, civilians who were storing the rockets in their houses have been hit in some of the strikes. “We have no intention of hurting civilians, but those who live by the sword are bound to get hurt,” he stressed.

In fact, I doubt you’ll see this story at all anywhere but in Israeli media, and pro-Israeli blogs.

File this one under: Why I blog.

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  1. Maggie45 says:

    Thanks, Meryl. Israel is in my prayers.

  2. Lila says:

    I intended to trackback this article but my blog provider seems to be out of trackbacks… thank you for blogging this. My husband was a soldier in Lebanon for five years between 82 and 87, and he saw it himself. Of course nobody believes it. I mean who would dig tunnels under family homes, hide weapons in orphanages, have snipers shoot from schools for the blind and hide tanks and rockets under residential buildings…?

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