It must be the echo…

Barely have I posted a diatribe on the ultimate responsibility of a sovereign, and already some people echo my sentiments. Well, let’s not be too humble – it is no less than the French FM who decided to confirm my thoughts on the subject.

“For several hours, there has been a bombardment of an airport of an entirely sovereign country, a friend of France … this is a disproportionate act of war,” Douste-Blazy told Europe 1 radio station.

Oops… It seems that, while confirming that Lebanon is indeed a sovereign country, the guy succeeded somehow to distort the meaning. Hmm…

OK, it could be explained. One or the following must have happened:

  1. My poor French (non-existent, to stick to the truth)
  2. Acoustic distortion – happens all the time with the echo
  3. Inherited genetic problems that the double surname families are plagued by

Further research is indicated.

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One Response to It must be the echo…

  1. I hope the geniuses who convinced Israel to abandon the ten mile Lebanese buffer zone and the wizards who gave back Gaza, along with every other land-for-peace asshole are standing out in the open to atone for their evil stupidity.
    Time for Israel to announce a new policy. Move the border back out of range of whatever weapon is used on them. Permnently. Then tell their neighors to decide just how much of their land they are willing to piss away.

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