Not liking bacteria, good or bad

Tonight I took the last dose of the Prevpac, which has disrupted many of my body’s normal routines, not least of which is the bacteria in my digestive system regulating, well, my digestive system.

In the last few days, I thought I must have burned my tongue, or brushed it too hard, or something, because it hurts a little bit. Then today, I started wondering if maybe I had something, since it wasn’t getting any better. I discovered that it’s turning a delightfully disgusting brownish-yellow color (no sticking my tongue out at anyone today, probably). A quick google on the side effects of the Prevpac shows that tongue discoloration is one of them, and it says I should notify my doctor immediately.

Well. Now I have thrush. What fun. It’s my old foe, Candida, in a different place. Actually, I think I’ve had a light touch of it for some time, and it got worse as my good bacteria were depopulated, and the bad bacteria set up shop.

So now I get to drink this disgusting yellow liquid that pretends to have a cherry taste to it. They’ve added some kind of wintergreen flavor to kill the aftertaste. It doesn’t, really. Four teaspoons a day for a week.

I am so looking forward to getting off this regimen and getting back to taking only a single allergy pill per day.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Things could be much worse, yadda yadda. But this is my soapbox, so I get to whine about nasty-tasting medicine, and bad bacteria doing bad things to me.

Thrush. Why the hell did they name it after a bird? Or do I not want to know?

Ew. Major ew.

Well, at least I’m done with the Prevpac and the Florastor. And sometime this summer or early fall, I’ll even get to know if it was all worth it, and if H. pylorii is dead and gone. Here’s hoping.

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9 Responses to Not liking bacteria, good or bad

  1. T.H.R.U.S.H. was the villain in Man From U.N.C.L.E – Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity

    Maybe they are the ones who developed that bacteria (:-)

    Sabba Hillel

  2. I loved The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Now Ilya Kuryakin is on NCIS, and Napoleon Solo is shilling for a law firm in the Richmond area. I see his commercials on all the soaps.

    Oh, well. Money’s money. The funny thing is that now William Shatner is shilling for that same firm. It’s like they don’t care that Denny Crane is a nutjob.

  3. Wishing you health and happiness…

    I have been down for 8 weeks with some mysterious virus. Can barely think or read a page — and writing anything of real value is impossible. I get paid to think. I believe I am coming through it now, but it’s been a hell of an 8 weeks.

    I will save the “it could be worse”s and “I know how you feel”s and just say–get well.

  4. The Doctor says:

    A day or two of Diflucan [flavorless pill] is worth a week of 4x/day nasty Nystatin [my best guess as to what they have you on].

  5. That’s what I asked my doctor. He said no, the Nystatin will work faster.

    Think I’ll ask him if I should do both at the same time.

  6. Jason: Same to you.

  7. The Doctor says:


    I would never disagree with someone else’s physician. Even when they are making bizarre statements about Nystatin working faster than Diflucan. Even when I would beat my medical students about the head and neck for saying something like that. I would never be so unprofessional as to do that…

  8. The thing is, he’s my doctor. You are not.

    For the record, I noticed a distinct improvement after only two doses of the Nystatin. Large patches of healthy red showed through the yucky brown stuff covering my tongue. It is nearly all gone, and the Nystatin isn’t really as bad as I say.

  9. The Doctor says:

    This is why there are multiple way to skin Katz. I usually use Diflucan, which in my experience is just as fast as Nystatin. My comments were not related to your doctor’s choice of medication, which in fact was appropriate. It was directed to his comment that Nystatin was faster. That’s all…

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