Gaza beach explosion: Mission accomplished

An interesting story from the Australian explodes the myth of the “humanitarian crisis” that the palestinians are using to extort more money out of the EU.

But throughout Gaza, fewer people seem to be going without than at other times in the past six months. Donkey carts groaning under huge watermelons are popular with locals.

Restaurants and shwarma stands are doing brisk trades.

Balloon stalls and kite-sellers are making ends meet and taxi drivers seem to once again have found fuel.

Gaza beach, just to the south of Beit Lahiya beach, the scene of an explosion last Friday that killed seven family members and orphaned 11-year-old Ghalia Huda, was yesterday bustling with daytrippers.

Kids frolicked seemingly free of fears of more shells. Some peddled chocolates to passers-by.

But this part explains exactly why Hamas rushed to gather all of the evidence that could be used to prove the Gazans died as a result of a Hamas-planted bomb. And why Israel was shelling the area, in spite of Kofi Annan’s refusal to believe that the pals hide behind civilians.

But as a boy ran through the sand to launch his kite, a more sinister launching took place behind him.

Out of the sand dunes burst a Qassam rocket, soaring skywards towards Israel through a brilliant blue sky.

The children froze in their tracks and looked for their parents. Some started to run, the ghosts of the week before still fresh in their minds. A mother called out to them and their panic quickly stopped.

“She said the Israelis won’t send their bombs again,” a small girl said before scampering back to her sandcastle.

No, they won’t. The lies have achieved their purpose. The world will be watching Israel’s response to kassam rockets even more closely, and downplaying kassam attacks on Israel—because eight Gazans died in a beach explosion, yards away from where kassams were being launched towards Israel.

The Gaza beach explosion aftermath achieved its purpose: Propagandizing as much as possible to prevent future Israeli attacks on terrorists launching rockets. And the world bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

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5 Responses to Gaza beach explosion: Mission accomplished

  1. NYT called the qassams “clumsy and inaccurate”…some other MSM publication (maybe it was also the NYT) called these rockets “symbolic.”

    I guess the German V-2s that bombarded London would also be called “symbolic” in the view of today’s MSM, given their lousy guidance systems.

  2. LynnB says:

    I think maybe they misjudged.

    The IAF killed two Islamic Jihad operatives wanted for launching Kassam rockets at Israel. A third person was wounded in the attack in northern Gaza on Friday night.

    Palestinian sources revealed that one of the dead was Imad Yassin, commander of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

    The IDF stated that the cell was responsible for the Kassam rockets that have been launched at Sderot in recent days, including ones targeted at the home of Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Army Radio reported.

  3. Alex Bensky says:

    “She said the Israelis won’t send their bombs again,” a small girl said before scampering back to her sandcastle.”

    And the Israelis fearlessly ride buses, go to restaurants, and attend seders, knowing the Palestinians won’t risk world condemnation by sending maniacal suicide bombers to attack them in such places…oh, wait.

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  5. muse says:

    And you should see the gorgeous mansions and luxury highrises the Arabs are building in Judea and Samaria.

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