Israeli Double Standard Time

Israel civilians have been attacked and wounded by dozens of rockets falling on their town in the last week. But the world doesn’t give a flying —. The latest attack?

Islamic Jihad fired a salvo of Qassam rockets into the western Negev city of Sderot on Thursday morning, wounding three people. The strike came shortly after the ruling Hamas party denied a Haaretz report that it had ordered an end to Qasssam strikes, fearing its leadership would be targeted by Israel.

Two of the rockets slammed into an open area near the city, a third hit near the city’s entrance and the fourth crashed into the Sderot industrial area damaging a factory. Another three rockets crashed into Israel on Thursday.

One person sustained minor facial wounds from shrapnel when the factory roof collapsed as a result of the rocket’s impact. Two other people were treated for shock.

The rockets land in homes, in schools, in children’s beds — and the world ignores it. Or says that Israel “had it coming.” Or that it’s the result of the occupation.

Except the rockets are coming from Gaza, where there are no longer any Israelis, and no occupation. And their aim has become better: A 60-year-old man was in critical condition after a rocket landed near where he was working — at a college.

Time and again, the wire services repeat their mantra that these “homemade” or “crude” rockets cause “little or no damage.” Let’s look at the latest stories. From Reuters:

The Islamic militant group scrapped a 16-month truce with Israel last Friday and soon after launched a barrage of makeshift rockets at the Jewish state from Gaza.

[…] Army Radio reported four rockets hit the Israeli town of Sderot, near Gaza, on Thursday. That compares to 30 to 40 rockets launched daily just after Hamas ended its truce.

Medics said two people were lightly wounded in the latest rocket attacks, which were claimed by the Islamic Jihad group.

Note how the media brushes past the fact that Israeli civilians were wounded by rocket attacks. When a palestinian is wounded by Israeli fire, thousands of headlines blare it around the world. I had to search extremely hard through Google News to find that reference to the critically-wounded man from Sderot. “gaza beach explosion” brings back several thousand hits.

The AP also minimizes attacks on Israel:

Hamas fired several dozen rockets toward southern Israel over the weekend, but in recent days there has been a lull.

But the “lull” is belied by their own later paragraph:

The Islamic Jihad militant group, which has never accepted the truce, fired five rockets toward Israel on Thursday.

The BBC, which is making inroads on American television:

Since the deaths, Hamas has fired a dozens of home-made rockets at Israel, causing panic and several injuries.

Israel frequently bombards northern Gaza, targeting militant rocket crews who attack nearby Israeli territory.

Note how the BBC uses the word “fired a [sic] dozens of home-made rockets” when referring to Hamas. Now look at the language used for Israel’s response to terrorist rocket attacks on her civilians. “Israel frequently bombards northern Gaza:” Yet another example of the anti-Israel media bias. Jewish injuries don’t count. But Gd forbid a palestinian should stub his toe as the result of an IDF operation, and Kofi Annan is ready with a UN statement.

In the meantime, Israeli schoolchildren are learning how to duck and cover.

The IDF Home Front Command on Wednesday finished mapping out the number of schools in the western Negev in need of reinforcement against the threat of incoming Palestinian-fired Kassam rockets.

[…] Half of the schools were in Sderot and the other half were in Gaza-belt communities located within range of Kassam rockets

If the picture that accompanies the JPost article had a caption that read “palestinian kids taking cover during an Israel mortar attack drill,” you’d see it in newspapers all over the world.

But it’s just Israeli kids, who have the misfortune to live within rocket range of palestinians. So the world doesn’t care.

Say it with me, people. What time is it? That’s right, Israeli double standard time.

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