… and they’re all out of Kosher bubble gum!

Since the French Police tend to focus on taking sloppy notes after Jews are attacked and filing them away in dusty cabinets for statisticians to pore over now and then instead of actively working to prevent such anti-Semitic violence, French Jews are banding together to defend themselves and take the fight to their would-be aggressors:

Formed in 2000, the Jewish Defense League – which has no ties to the U.S. Jewish Defense League – groups about 100 to 150 Jewish teens and young men to protect their community, experts say.

“Jews are fed up,” said a league member named Maxime who refused to give his full name, saying he feared for his safety. “We’ve been nice for 30 years. Now, we gather and fight back.”

Maxime, a 22-year-old waiter, admits his group is not afraid to take justice into its own hands if need be. He bragged about a 2003 incident in which a Jewish Defense League member beat up pro-Palestinian university students, injuring one.

“If a (Jewish) kid gets beaten up at school a few times, we go there and talk to the guy who beat him up,” he said. “If he does it again, we go back and it’s another story.”
“Investigations are useless,” Maxime said. “We’re a second police.”

Kind of reminds me of the “My Second Amendment rights are there to protect my First Amendment rights” way of thinking.

Good idea? Bad idea? Make aliyah and let the Islamist colonizers of Europe finish off the suicidal Eurogoy?

What do you think?

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10 Responses to … and they’re all out of Kosher bubble gum!

  1. Scott says:

    Good idea? Bad idea?

    My my my. This is quite disconcerting! Whatever happened to the good little jews who knew properly to huddle defenslessly in a discreet out of the way ghetto? hmmmmmpf!

  2. Jim says:

    I’m glad to see that some of the Jews who remain in the land that villified Dreyfus are not waiting for the sons of Vichy to defend them. It won’t happen, and the sooner they make it clear that this time we aren’t going to go quietly to our deaths, the better.

  3. cond0010 says:

    I don’t think the french Jews have a choice if they want to stay in France.

    Frankly, I think anonymity is a very good sheild.

    Hopefully they won’t speak of this Zoinist cabal again. ;)

  4. Joel says:

    They mention the study of Krav Maga martial arts in the article. I have been studying Krav Maga (“Contact Combat” in Hebrew for the past 5 months – I highly recommend it.

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  6. Omri says:

    It’s a better approach than complete passivity, but it still is not as good as just getting the hell out of France.

  7. Tatterdemalian says:

    To really defend themselves against the French military (who, sooner or later, will have to launch a pogrom if they don’t want angry Muslims to threaten them), they’ll need some kind of air force, or at least means to defend themselves and their homes against helicopters and possibly even jets.

    Highly unlikely, to be honest. The IDF has these things, but I don’t see a few hundred Jews in an increasingly genocidal country pulling it off.

    I’d suggest fleeing to Israel, where at least the army will protect you, instead of sacrifice you to gain brownie points with Hitler Islam.

    (Where the hell is the preview button, anyways? I’m having to guess at the tag name.)

  8. You had the code right, and the open/close symbols wrong.

    Hey. My preview disappeared. It’s supposed to be there when you’re typing.

  9. Tatterdemalian says:

    Ah well, I should be glad I can even post. Now that I’m reduced to surfing the Internet on a PocketPC, I can’t even see the comment boxes on 80% of the blogs I used to post on. (And 40% of my favorite blogs now crash my poor little TatterTot’s browser just by loading them.)

  10. *Micol* says:

    Bad idea. Bad bad bad. I’ve seen them. Little Jewish kids pretending to be bullies, giving the Jewish community a bad rep in France (sorry, a worse rep, it never was all glittery) and giving anti-semite-apologists a good excuse. After Ilan Halimi’s murder, there was a peaceful walk in his memory and against antisemitism, and they were obviously there shouting horrible things about Arabs. Then they move to Israel before they’re 20 and leave the ones who stay there with the bad rep. And these puny little kids, if they just *try* to get close to a mean gang, they get completely beat up, and no one can morally defend them because they’re the ones who started the provocation. There’s them, and there’s the Betar kids also. Same thing, little kids pretending to be big bad bullies.
    If they were really interested in protecting the Jewish community rather than just showing the world who’s boss (and spectacularly failing at it), they’d join the Jewish community protection system, and really do something useful, like guarding a synagogue on Saturdays rather than just loitering around and waiting for an excuse to get angry.

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