Hezbullah war crimes in Lebanon

The IDF Gallilee commander describes yesterday’s battle against Hezbullah, and shows how the terrorists regularly commit war crimes that are ignored utterly by the world media:

Over the past few months the Northern Command has been carrying out hasty preparations for a quick and decisive retaliation plan on Hizbullah bases south Lebanon, awaiting such an attack. The aim was simple: Employ various means simultaneously, disrupt the fire and deal Hizbullah a significant blow. “Preparations were made by consolidating means: fighters were sitting with their sights aimed waiting for terrorists to come while other forces were primed to attack all bases by various means. We took out a lot of Hizbullah bases, all those along the border including those built in the past few months in the west. We made an effort to hit the terrorists, rather than the structures. Every manned post was in our sights; they tried to put snipers on us but they got hit too; they aimed anti-tank missiles but they missed and our tanks hit their bases,” the senior officer related.

He said that during the battle soldiers saw dozens of children being sent towards the Tziporen base and throwing stones. Brig.-Gen. Hirsch, who led the fighting, instructed a direct hit on the sniper cell, and only after the children had gone were helicopter gunships sent to flatten the base. “They also hid in UN buildings, which forced our attacks to be chirurgic and exact. We recommended the UN take cover when the battle started. We didn’t shoot on any target where UN employees were present.”

So not only is Hezbullah in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, but they’re also in violation of the Geneva Convention.

And yet, you won’t hear calls for a war crimes tribunal against these scumbags.

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6 Responses to Hezbullah war crimes in Lebanon

  1. yourish,
    don’t you know that only Israel can commit war crimes?? What Hizbiz are doing is self defense against the Israeli crime in.. hmm.. somewhere…

  2. alexbmn says:

    its quite peculiar that the IDF had had a freer hand in acting against terrorists under Labor socialist Peretz then under Mofaz.

  3. Probably Peretz did not realize that he could stop the IDF. By the time he figured that out, they had already wiped out the murderers. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    The description shows that they had apparently been planning this response for months and were just waiting for the exact circumstances.

    Sabba Hillel

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    Well, these outrages are really Israel’s fault, because after all, when people are desperate and hopeless what else can you expect other than barbaric savagery? This explains the numerous Tibetan terrorist acts over the last few years.

  5. Rahel says:

    Alex Bensky: It would also explain the numerous acts of Jewish terrorism over the past two thousand years, which intensified during times of particularly horrific persecution.

    Oh, wait …

  6. Alex Bensky says:

    Lucky for you, Rahel, that you read this weblog. Mentioning the lack of Jewish savagery…or for that matter, the lack of Israeli response in kind to the Palis creative use of atrocity…is not relevant for the reason that Meryl calls the Exception Clause but with due modesty I think should be termed the Bensky Corollary to Everything:


    This should clear it up, Rahel, or as Eric Hoffer once observed, the only people in the world expected to act like Christians are Jews.

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