Iran’s proxy warriors threaten Israel

You know, Israel remembers the Six-Day War (along with all other wars) on her Memorial Day, and on Jerusalem Day, a day that celebrates the reunification of the ancient city of David, king of Israel. (Remember that it was the Arabs who partitioned the city during the War of Independence. It was supposed to be an international city under the UN partition plan.)

Hezbullah celebrates the sixth anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal of forces from Lebanon by threatening every inch of northern Israel.

The leader of Lebanon’s terror group Hizbullah warned Israel on Tuesday that it would answer any attack on its territory by firing thousands of rockets on all parts of northern Israel.

Hassan Nasrallah’s comments were made as part of Lebanon’s celebrations of the 6th anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon after an 18-year occupation.

[…] “Northern Israel today is within the range of the resistance’s rockets. The ports, bases, factories and everything is within that range.”

Nasrallah referred to statements he made years ago that his group has more than 12,000 rockets, reminding his listeners that “when I say we have more than 12,000 rockets I don’t mean 13,000 rockets.”

There are very, very few people whom I truly hate, and whose deaths I wish for.

Nasrallah is one.

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One Response to Iran’s proxy warriors threaten Israel

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Did it ever occur to this clown that if all the people were driven out of Southern Lebanon beyond the range of his deadly toys there would be none shot at Israel? Displacing people who are attacking you is not a patch on the genocide Nasrallah and his pals have in mind for Israel’s Jews.

    Arabs and Muslims as a whole seem to rely rather complacently on Israel’s self restraint. They should consider the situation they’d be in if, out of exasperation with endless war, terrorism, and bloocurdling threats by the Muslims, that self restraint slipped.

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