Equal time for Gracie

Tig’s been the star of the show lately, and Miss Gracie is getting jealous.

Gracie looking gorgeous

Here’s my beautiful girl sneaking a peek at me over her shoulder. See that large bare spot on her right haunch? That’s where she’s been licking herself bare. One of the spots, I should say. It’s growing back now, as is her belly. But she’s not done trying. Strangely, she’s going for her elbows.

I’m pretty convinced it’s just nerves. She needs to go to the kitty spa. All the petting you can ask for, plus tuna, catnip, and lots of flying insects to chase. Yes, that’d be heaven for Gracie. Alas, she’s stuck with me. And Tig.

Project for the morning: Try to get the two of them in a morning shot. I’ll put the camera on the nighttable. They’ve switched spots. Tig’s sleeping in Gracie’s spot on the bottom of the bed, so she’s been surprising me by sleeping on the pillow next to me each night. A couple of days ago, they were sleeping about a foot apart. It’s a rare double, and I’m hoping to catch it on disk tomorrow morning.

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  1. Rahel says:

    Sure wish I could skritch Miss Gracie.

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