Arafat the terrorist: More proof

Here’s a beauty that will be utterly ignored by the mainstream media: A former PA official admits that Yasser Arafat took the funds that he received from Israel and donor nations, and used them to buy weapons to kill Israelis.

This is the man that Jimmy Carter insists was willing to have peace with Israel.

And oh, yeah — the Iranians were involved, too.

Former PA chairman Yasser Arafat purchased arms worth millions of dollars transferred to the PA by Israel and the international community, an interrogation of a PA security funds manager, Fuad Shubaki, has found.

In his interrogation Shubaki admitted that money received by Israel was used by the PA to fund terrorist cells which operated against Israel. He also admitted that under Arafat’s instructions, the Palestinian Authority was involved in smuggling and producing weapons, and funding terrorist cells which operated against Israel.

According to Shubaki, with the outbreak of the intifada in 2000, he received an order from Arafat to purchase the largest possible quantity of weapons from different sources.

Under Arafat’s orders, all of the heads of the various PA bodies began purchasing weapons, and a special body was set up to coordinate the effort. PA representatives were placed in a number of countries abroad where they operated as branches for the arms purchasing.

Senior PA members would give Shubaki tips for purchasing weapons, and he passed them on for approval from Arafat. Shubaki himself funded the purchasing of weapons, and after receiving approval from Arafat, senior PA members in Gaza purchased large quantities of weapons. During his interrogation, Shubaki said that Jibril Rajoub (head of the PA Preventative Security Force in Gaza) was among the top figures to receive funding to purchase weapons.

Shubaki also said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah were behind the Karine A weapons ship intercepted by Israel in January 2002. The Iranians and Hizbullah coordinated the arms ship with senior members of the Palestinian Authority, he said.

Iranian envoys, who Shubaki met in 2001, also offered military aid to the PA, including sites to produce weapons, technology to produce arms, and military training.

And yet, the world insists that Arafat wanted peace. The world turns a blind eye to the Iranian proxy war on Israel, ignores Hizbullah’s thousands of rockets pointed at Israel, ignores the fact that Islamic Jihad and Hamas are funded and trained by Iran, and ignores any and all proof of terrorism by palestinians, up to and including a ship with fifty tons of weapons seized before they can reach the PA, paid for by PA money — which is money transferred from Israel, and western donors.

Because the palestinians want peace, you see. And we can see how much they want it, because it’s not like there are constant terror attacks, attempts to smuggle weapons and bombs into Israel, or shooting and knifing and firebombing Israeli citizens. Oh, wait. Yes, all those things happen, many of them on a daily basis.

But the palestinians want peace. Really.

This story won’t even be a blip on the MSM’s radar. But this one will. Because it entails dead palestinians.

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2 Responses to Arafat the terrorist: More proof

  1. Sadly, Arafat’s not going to get any deader.

    It’s time to focus on Abbas’ involvement and bring his ass down with all of his boosters and human shields (Jimmah Carter).

  2. Scott says:

    Just wanted to let you know we have a new name for the lamestream media. MSM actually gives them credit. There is nothing main about them anymore however. Their new, highly appropriate, and accurately derisive label is: The Driveby Media.

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