Easy marks

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Hamas’ Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar left someone a really large tip in his hotel room in Kuwait…

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar has had $450,000 stolen from his hotel room during his current visit to Kuwait, the Itim news agency quoted the Kuwaiti media as saying Wednesday.

According to the report, al-Zahar had asked the Kuwaiti authorities to keep the theft under wraps, but the incident was confirmed by a security official at the hotel.

The foreign minister, a senior member of Hamas, is on a tour of Arab and Muslim countries to drum up funds after Israel suspended the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority and Western donors cut off aid to the Hamas-led government.

There is no honor among thieves and murders, it seems.


Itim also reported that an official at the Palestinian Finance Ministry has revealed that, despite its empty coffers, the PA has funded the trip for al-Zahar and his entourage.

Maybe if Israel drops travel restrictions on all of the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority members, they’ll bankrupt the bastards quicker?

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5 Responses to Easy marks

  1. Great minds think alike, Lair. I have asked different questions, though…

  2. I would have said, let any of them who want to leave the area go. Just don’t let them back. Of course if they are wanted for a crime anywhere, hold them for extradition.

    Since they are guilty of crimes such as accessory to murder in Europe as well, the Israelis have a valid reason to hold them until the Europeans respond. With the pace of the courts, and the alacrity with which the Europeans (for example) move, that could turn out to be a life sentence.

  3. chsw says:

    So, Mahmoud learned something from Yasser on how to hide money. D’ya think that he’ll also file an insurance claim?


  4. Ben F says:

    Well. None of the banks will take deposits from HAMAS, so I guess we’ll be seeing more “self-help hawala” as time goes on.

  5. scottage says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer group! :-) Think there’s any chance that Hamas will finally admit some culpability for thier own problems? Right, what was I thinking?

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