Institutionalized anti-Semitism

There is a paper out that was released by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government that blames the pro-Israel lobby for everything that goes wrong with U.S. mideast policy — in other words, the Jews.

I have already received emails about it.

The excerpt published by the London Review of Books is 25 pages. The original is 83 pages.

You may have noticed, I’m not like other bloggers. Give me some time to read the source material, and you will get my point of view what is, upon cursory examination, the best thing to hit the neo-Nazi movement since David Duke’s successful run for Louisiana legislature. And with the seal of approval of an Ivy League university.

Here is a hint: In the introduction itself, the paper relies on lies, canards, and logical fallacies. I can’t wait to get through all 83 pages.

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9 Responses to Institutionalized anti-Semitism

  1. RonAA says:

    Here is Martin Kramer’s response to the Harvard article.

  2. Li'l Mamzer says:

    The professional hate group masquerading as a civil rights organization known as CAIR already features this ‘report’ on their website. Huge surprise there…….

  3. Robert says:

    We are talking about the same Harvard that gave us Vietnam? Are they trying to compete with Yale to see who will dig the lowest? Ivy league schools suck!!!

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Kramer notes that one of the authors of this report, Stephen Walt, also wrote a book entitled “Taming American Power.” Presumably he thinks that is a desireable goal. All it means is enabling the jihadis and totalitarians to have free run of the world. Who in the world would be so silly as to worry about that? Here is an extract from the review on the page for the book.

    “In this elegant and provocative new book, Kennedy School professor and renowned scholar Stephen M. Walt analyzes the different strategies that states employ to counter U.S. power or to harness it for their own ends. These responses threaten America’s ability to achieve its foreign policy goals and may eventually undermine its dominant position. To prevent this, Walt argues, the United States must adopt a foreign policy that other states welcome, rather than one that reinforces their fear of American power.”

    Let’s see, the states we protect welcome American power already. The states that resent it tend to be ones whose aspirations for conquest and genocide we restrain. I expect the Serbian nationalists resent American power, for example. We should want to make them like us by ceasing to restrain them? Al Qaeda isn’t even a state, but a bunch of what amount to pirates. We can satisfy them only by converting to Islam en masse. Mark STeyn has commented on the the naivete of the “realists”. Such naivete would be risible if it’s forseeable results weren’t so appalling. Feh.

    Bush is likely to be the most internationalist and multilateralist President of the US for the next 50 years. The Democrats, and some GOPers, just want to cut and run from all our international responsibilities. The rest will be so disgusted with so many foreign responses to our efforts that they will just say damnatio memoriae. This will be even more marked if the Dems manage to lose the Iraq Campaign for us by forcing a premature withdrawal.

  5. Sabba Hillel says:

    Actually, it is a matter of resenting the fact that we insist that there is an objective morality and that every human being should be honest. There is an illusion that people have that in a slave society, they will be among the masters. Jews understand that, in a slave society, we would be the slaves. It is the resentment that we insist on seeing the truth and not allowing them their illusions.

  6. Barak says:

    Fabulous post, Meryl!


  7. Cynic says:

    M L,

    We can satisfy them only by converting to Islam en masse.

    Not so. Just look at what’s happening to other Islamic people, be they Black (not Arab) in Darfur, Shiites or one of the other myriad of sects not kosher enough. The Kurds are Muslims and look what’s happened to them.
    Once they get their Caliphate there will be a lot of Cleansing.

  8. jeremy says:

    I posted a somewhat long comment about this over at the Engage website that I’m extending. One of the professors, Stephen Walt of Harvard, holds an endowed chair named after two Zionists. Go figure.

    It’s comment #9 at

  9. Corwin says:

    Since I’m neither Jewish or Christian,let me kick in my two cents.My support for Israel is based on (1)Us self interest.Isn’t it nice to have a democratic ally in the Middle East?
    (2)The fact a lot of Jews were killed in WW II,for the crime of,well,being Jews.It’s not surprising they’d fel a little safer with a place of their own.
    (3).Truth ,Justice and the American Way.The Israelis try not to kill innocents,the palestinians mahe the innoccents their target.Which side do I want to identify with?

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